Friday, September 10, 2010

Losin' it!

Hi Friends! Happy Thursday!

It's been quite a few weeks since I posted and actually quite a few weeks since the event about which I am going to blog happened, but it's a milestone in our household so I must tell you all about it.

The Son, who is 6.5 years old, finally lost his first tooth! We thought it would never happen as many of his friends have lost multiple teeth but when we were on vacation back in August, he noticed that he had a wiggler.

It took a while and part of that is because he wouldn't "work on it" he was afraid it would hurt when it came out. When it finally did come out, there was blood... a teeny, tiny amount of blood and of course there was drama... a huge, giant amount of drama because of said blood but we soon recovered and soon realized that the tooth was missing. I thought he swallowed it but eventually The Husband found it in the carpet right near where The Son was standing when it fell out. Phew!

The tooth fairy came that night and left The Son $5 since it was his first tooth! She also wrote him a note (that conveniently matches the "tooth fairy" scrapbook paper I already had... imagine that.) and best of all, she let him keep his tooth so that it could be put in the scrapbook... that tooth fairy sure is cool!

Here he is with his Squirrel, Skuggs. Skuggs is holding the tooth wrapped in tissue before we put it under his pillow. For the record, my child does have clothes, he just prefers to walk around with no shirt on. LOL!

Placing the tooth...

Posed? No way... totally candid. ;)

Thanks everyone! I have a busy weekend ahead of me. I am working a couple classes today and then getting ready for a ten-mile race on Saturday! I haven't really trained for the race but I think I can do it even if I have to walk a bit. I'll keep you posted on that. I also have some fantastic pictures of a recent race I did... I got muddy... really muddy. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

The first day of first grade!

Happy Friday my bloggy friends! I actually have a few minutes this morning to write up a blog post for you. The Son gets on the bus at 8AM and I don't have to be at the gym until just afternoon. I've been enjoying myself by trying out lots of new fitness classes at the Y and my nutrition classes that I teach are going well. I also went back to teaching swim lessons. I don't know if I had mentioned on the blog that the Y came up with a "policy" that you had to work 10 hours there to remain employed and with that policy, many of the swim instructors quit. One would have to work pretty much every day to be able to get in 10 hours of swim lessons and since so many of us are moms who work at the Y because we only had to work a day or two, we quit. That didn't bode well or work at the Y so they changed the policy and we all went back. I'm thrilled because I enjoyed that job and it was really nice to see some of my favorite little swimmers again... I missed those little guys!

It's late but I have a few pictures of The Son's first day of school. He's really enjoying himself as a big first grader! He buys lunch every day and decided on his own that he would only get chocolate milk once a week since it's not as healthy as white milk. I'm so proud of that decision as I know the rest of the school lunches probably aren't that healthy.

So... on to the pictures! He may not realize it but I will be taking a picture of The Son on the first day of school at least until he graduates from high school... if he goes to college locally, he might have to endure it then too. (and I'm only half joking with that statement.) Here's a couple on the front step...

Does this one look odd to you? Well, it's a picture of The Son with his first wiggly tooth! Some excitement going on up in here!
Walking to the bus stop...

with Daddy...

Oh Momma... come on!

There it is...
Happy First day of First Grade Son! WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! Clearly, you're very proud of yourself as well and that's just the way we want you to be!

P.S. Do you think he looks a lot more grown-up? The pictures in the post below are from the first day of kindergarten, I didn't think he looked that different until I posted this but now... I think he does!