Thursday, April 30, 2009

Home again, home again...

We made it home in one piece. It was a long journey with a lay over in Atlanta and I hate layovers. We did have the nicest flight attendant EVER from Atlanta to Philly though, she was just so friendly and sweet. So refreshing.

We have a busy day today. I didn't quite make it into work this morning. I got into bed just before 2 Am and I didn't think one more day without me for an hour and a half would really matter. I heard from my co-worker this morning and all is fine. I'll go in tomorrow. I wonder if anyone missed me? I will be teaching my scrapbooking class this afternoon. That being said, I don't yet know what I'll be teaching. We finished our scrapbooking pages so I think we'll just be making cards. The girls seemed to really enjoy that any way. Fun! Fun!

The Son is exhausted and doesn't want to go to gymnastics. I don't feel like rushing to get out of the house by 11:15 either so I'm not taking him. I have to have everything packed and planned and it's just easier to wait to leave the house for my 1:00 weight loss meeting.

Speaking of weight loss... I have NO idea how I did on my trip. I definitely made better choices than I would have in the past. I ate a lot more fruit but I still don't feel like I ate especially healthy. I worked out a few times but nothing like I do here. It was hard because with my bad feet, on the days that I would run at the gym, I could hardly walk around the parks by the end of the night. It wasn't pleasant. I know I walked a lot. A. LOT. so I'm hoping that I didn't gain much of my 35 pounds back. My goal was to keep it under 3, I think that's realistic. I'll let you know how I did.

So, I have tons of pictures to post and my fair share of tips and tricks for Disney goers as well, should you want them. I'll be working on all that kind of stuff for my next couple of posts. I'll also be visiting all your blogs that I didn't keep up with so well when I was gone. It's hard to find computer time when you're in the Happiest Place on Earth!

Have a great day everyone! Wish me luck for my weigh in... yikes!

Monday, April 27, 2009

What a character!

We're still here in Florida, having a great time. We spent the day at Animal Kingdom which I LOVE but they close at 5 and we were just so tired we decided to come back to our room and order pizza (they just knocked on the door... yay!) We have one more day left, not quite sure what we're doing tomorrow. I'm posting another picture taken from The Husband's iphone the other day, I've been taking a bunch of course but I have to wait until I get home to upload them. This one will have to do for now.

Here's The Son with his favorite guy...Pluto! We got to meet a bunch of the other characters too, and of course The Son posed like a pro... I'll share them soon.

It's getting late and we're hoping to retire to bed fairly early tonight so we can fully enjoy tomorrow our last day here. Have a great night everyone!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Still feeling The Magic...

We're still here in Disney World of course. Having a great time. Wish you were here...

We've visited all the parks except for Animal Kingdom so far. We're spending the entire day there on Monday. Today I'm planning on working out and heading to the pool for some much needed relaxation. We'll hit the Magic Kingdom tonight for the Spectromagic Parade and a few other things we've been wanting to do. Tomorrow is an EPCOT day and we'll be eating in Japan which I have really been looking forward to. CityMomma/CountryMomma loves her some teppanyaki style dining. I think The Son will enjoy it a lot too. That boy loves cooking shows and this will sort of be a live one.

I'll leave you with one picture of The Son that The Husband took the other day at Magic Kindom in "Pooh's Thotful Spot" play place. So stinkin' cute...

...speaking of The Son, the child has turned into an official Disney Pin Trader. I don't know whether to be happy or very, very frightened. My SIL #1 collects pins and she got him going on it. He's mostly collecting Plutos, Mickeys and a couple others he really likes. I'll tell you more about that another time.

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We're here...

We arrived in Orlando on Sunday evening after a lovely flight and yesterday decided to visit "Disney Hollywood Studios"... my favorite Disney Park. We had a great time, The Son was VERY good and even rode the "Twilight Zone Tower of Terror"... once. After which he proclaimed, "I am NEVER going on that again!" Oh well, it's MY favorite ride but I guess it didn't win him over. The BIL #1 and I rode it two more times later and it's pretty safe to say, we'll be riding it more again this week. The photo below is a recreation of The Son's reaction to TOT... it's pretty accurate! ha ha!

Today we head to "The Magic Kingdom." My little Pirate aka, The Son is going to have a ball! We're supposed to be leaving the room in almost a half an hour so I must be going...just enough time for a little bloggy update. The Son is still snoring away so we might be a little late in our leaving but nonetheless, today should be a fun day.

Have a great day everyone, hope you're enjoying GORGEOUS weather like we are here!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

And they're off...

We're getting ready to leave for the airport for Disney World. Everything's packed and the dogs are heading to Plantation Delight (which The Husband thinks sounds more like a brothel than a kennel...)

I might be able to do a blog post or two while we're gone but if not, we'll be back to reality on April 29th.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your week!

Friday, April 17, 2009

More random thoughts and living healthy...

Hi! I've been busy getting ready for our Disney trip. I need to do my:

Healthy Living with

post today but I don't have much to say about it right now so I'm going to do a couple random thoughts and tell you about my weigh in.

  • I lost another 1.4 pounds this week. For those of you who are counting, (I sure am,) that's a total of 34.8! Pretty close to 35 if I do say so myself. Lots more to go but I am feeling great, better than ever. When I pick up The Son who weighs 41.5, it's amazing to think that I was carrying almost an extra "him" around with me. Unreal...
  • I'm on week six of my Couch to 5K plan and I've been running 5K each time I run. I can't seem to beat my best time of 39:14 but I'm still running and that's all that matters to me. I'm staying on the program though and I think soon, I'll be able to beat that (very slow) best time. I will say, the running is SO much easier as I lose the weight. I'm feeling very fit for a "big" girl.
  • I'm a little panicky about my healthy eating on our Disney trip. Because we have a kitchen, we will be eating all of our breakfasts in the room. That will help me a lot. I also have healthy snacks that I am bringing, but eating dinner out every night is scary to me. I hope that I can stay on track. I will be exercising in addition to walking all over the parks so as long as I don't gain, I'll be pleased.
  • Did you know that when you go out to eat, they butter your meat? Yes, Butter. Your. Meat. I don't mean that pat of butter they put on top of the steak after it's cooked, I mean butter, as it's cooking. I also don't just mean steak, they do it on chicken, fish, all kinds of stuff. Just something to keep in mind... ask when you order. I know I will be! (This is according to Miss Phyllis our nutritionist for my weight loss group and so far she hasn't steered me wrong so I believe it! No wonder everything tastes so damn good when you go out!)
Well, I have to clean and get ready for company that's coming tonight, I also have to shower, take The Son to school, go to the grocery store to get things for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow as well as straighten up around here... not to mention that I haven't packed ONE measly thing for me OR The Son!

Have a great day everyone. Stay healthy and enjoy Spring!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Airborne, Exercise, Healthy Eating or...

All of the above?

Can I just say that I am feeling SO much better? Honestly, I cannot believe that my cold is practically gone this quickly. (knocking on wood)

I started feeling sick on Saturday with a little scratchy throat and I started taking my Airborne faithfully, in fact, I might have even taken a couple when The Son had his cold a couple days before. I swear by that Airborne. It may or may not actually do anything but I know that before I discovered Airborne, my colds would last for at least a week and would inevitably end up with coughing for a good week after that. If we count Sunday as the day I really started feeling terrible, that makes this a cold that had only two "bad days", one "kind of bad day" and the "day that I actually started feeling much better", which is today. Thank you Airborne.

I also realize that over all, I am probably just healthier. My immune system is happy now because of all the healthy food I give my body on a daily basis. I did work out on Monday which was REALLY hard to do because I felt lousy, but after I completed the 5K on the treadmill, I felt GREAT! It wasn't the best night at work either because teaching swimming with a stuffy nose and no tissues in sight is not the easiest thing to do. I took yesterday off from the gym but I am raring to go today. I am hoping that I won't start coughing after my run today... I guess that remains to be seen. (Note to self: pack cough medicine in the gym bag)

Anyway, it's a quick post today, about nothing all that interesting... sorry. I'm busy and trying to get organized for my trip, I also have to have all my report cards completed as well as lesson plans for my (still non-existent) sub for two weeks of swimming lessons. Lots to do and you know I won't sacrifice my work outs to get other things done which means... it ALL has to fit in somewhere.

Enjoy your day everyone, the weather here is miserable and I am anxiously awaiting some Floridian weather... they don't call it the "Sunshine State" for nothing ya know?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How it came to be that we are going to Disney...

Last year at this time, The Husband had a business trip to Amelia Island, FL. The Son and I got to go with him and it was great. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton and it became abundantly clear that The Son has a taste for the "finer things" in life. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was soon known by much of the staff of the Ritz Carlton... he IS after all, a very social boy. This year, it was announced that the business trip would be to the Grand Floridian at Disney World in Orlando, FL. We were so happy and excited! But wait! Our excitement was soon dashed when we found out that families were not allowed to attend this year until after the conference is finished. Boo. Hiss. The Son and I were no longer happy nor excited. That is until The Husband did a little thinking. You see, we are members of the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) ...pretty much a Disney time share sort of deal. We usually visit Walt Disney World every other year and because of the DVC, we are able to take family with us. This would be the year that we would normally go but we didn't think we'd be able to swing it. The Husband called the DVC and soon found out that our points we use to get the room had expired. You have to use or bank points every year and we had missed the deadline for banking our points...but...Disney being the magical place that it is... when The Husband explained our situation, they allowed him to book a two bedroom suite with the expired points and the points that we'd have for this year at the Saratoga Springs Resort. We called The Brother-in-Law #1 and his wife, The Sister-in-Law #1 and found out that they would LOVE to come with us...they are even generously paying for our tickets to the park since we have already paid for the room. We have a kitchen, washer/dryer, two bathrooms and two bedrooms. We've ordered groceries to be delivered when we arrive and are mailing down our non-perishables. We'll be eating breakfast in the room, taking snacks and eating lunch and/or dinner at the parks so all in all, it should end up being fairly affordable.

We leave on Sunday the 19th and will come back on Wednesday the 29th! The Son is excited and will be very happy to spend some time with The BIL and SIL #1 who he doesn't get to see enough of considering they live in Maine. The Husband will go to the Grand Floridian for his conference and will re-join us when it's over. It should work out to be a good trip for all and I'm looking forward to it.

Ziggy and DaVinci will go to the doggie day care for 10 days so they might be the only ones not too happy with all these plans but I'm confident they'll recover just fine.

Now all I have to do is pack, organize and clean the house because The BIL #1 and SIL #1 are coming here to fly down with us AND The FIL and Step-MIL are driving back to Maine from FL the same weekend and are making a stop here in PA. I think it's time to stop posting on the blog and get busy with all my work.

My cold is getting better but has now turned in to an annoying cough... I did manage to work out yesterday however and am continuing with my 5K training. I managed to run for 20 minutes straight yesterday with no walk breaks. That's big for me, I felt good, even with the cold.

Have a good day everyone.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Little random thoughts...

I need to do a blog post but I'm feeling lousy so I'm just going to post a couple miscellaneous thoughts that are bouncing around in my empty (feeling) head.

  • I have a cold. I really bad cold, my nose is stuffy and my eyes are watery. I googled "should I work out when I have a cold?" and most websites say that yes, yes I should. If your "issues" are above the neck with stuffy nose and even a slight cough, it's fine to work out, if your "issues" are below the neck with body aches, pains or fever, you probably shouldn't work out. I was really hoping that the answer would be I shouldn't work out but after my Easter dinner last night, I think I'll try to make it there. I have to take The Son to school anyway...
  • I made an apple crumb pie for Easter dessert yesterday... from scratch, including the crust. Some people do say from scratch when they use a pre-made crust or a mix crust... did you know that? That's blasphemous in my opinion. I just have to say that my pie was the Best. Pie. Ever. I hope three sticks of butter in it don't make me gain weight back. I only had one piece and I passed on the ice cream. Boy... it was good...
  • My puppy will be one year old on the 16th of this month. He's so cute.
  • My bloggiversary came and went. I totally missed it but my blog is well over a year old now. I am a bad blog-Momma since we didn't even celebrate for it. I'll have to get on that. I'm not sure if my blog knows what date it is but I think it does. I hope it's not mad at me.
  • I'm wondering if I should be worried that The Son is obsessed with watching "America's Next Top Model." He's watching an episode now, one that I already watched and I had to fast forward through the girls calling each other "bitch," but other than that, the episode is harmless... he says he likes looking at the beautiful girls but still, I'm not sure if that's good or bad. He did tell me the other day that he's "attracted to high school girls." Is he going to be the Ashton Kutcher of his generation? I guess that remains to be seen.
  • The CityFamily/CountryFamily is taking a somewhat spontaneous trip to Disney World next Sunday, we're going for ten days and one of my Brothers-in-law and his wife are coming with us. It should be lots of fun. I'll tell you more about that later this week.
  • I owe you a post about the Zumba class. It was fun... very jumpy and bouncy but fun. I'd like to try it again sometime... maybe after my stupid cold goes away.
Enjoy your Monday everyone...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I can't wait until tomorrow to tell you...

that I lost 6.4 pounds this week! I was completely shocked when I stepped on the scale. I have been very "good" about writing down all my food which of course really makes me watch and think about what I put in my body but when I total up my calories for the week, it is an average of 1950 calories per day which sounds high to me. My range is supposed to be 1700 to 2100 so I'm right in that range. It just goes to show you that one cannot lose weight by starving themselves, we need the food to loose! Hooray!

I am going to try to add/change some things that I eat all the time. Miss Phyllis mentioned that it is a good idea to switch it up and not get too comfortable with the foods we always eat, that eventually, your body will go searching for the nutrients it's missing and you could stop losing weight. My mom always used to talk about something similar so I'm sure it must be right. If my nutritionist/RN and my mom (who was also an RN) both say it, you know it's true!

Turns out the karate school IS open tomorrow so we're heading back to the Y tonight so CityMomma/CountryMomma can get her Zumba on! Guess what I'll be writing about tomorrow for my living healthy post?

Is it strange that I will have been at the Y on three separate occasions today? I swear, I'm addicted to that place!

It's Thursday...

I don't really have much to blog about so I'll just say "Hello out there!" and tell you a couple random things about what we're up to today...

I already finished my morning job. It's spring break so I was actually doing child care at the Y this morning instead of at the school site. It's sad how many parents bring their kids at 7 in the morning and then don't pick them up until 6 in the evening. I know it's probably necessary for most of them but still... it makes me sad.

The Son has gymnastics at 11:15 today and we are going to be on time. I swear. We are. I hope. I never seem to manage to make it on time and I can't quite figure out why but I'm really hoping to get there today by 11:15.

We will eat lunch at the Y and then I have my weight loss meeting at 1:00. I know I mentioned last week that I was banned from weighing myself until today and I have not stepped foot on a scale. Believe me, I wanted to... My friend Dian says I have ScaleOCD. LMAO! I think she's right, it was not easy and I'm really hoping that I've lost at least a pound.

All the ladies in my weight loss group agreed to get back to writing down all our food for the week and I was VERY good about doing it. It helps me stay on track, that's for sure. I feel like I ate a lot of calories this week but when I look back over everything, it's all healthy foods that are good for me (except for a few cocktails this weekend) so with my exercise, I should be fine. I guess I'll let you all know tomorrow.

Speaking of exercise...I want to try a Zumba class this afternoon but The Son has karate. I'd like to work out instead of taking him and I know he wouldn't mind but I don't know the rest of the schedule at the Karate school for the weekend so I don't know if I can take him tomorrow instead. I'm really hoping so...

We're having bison burgers and roasted potatoes and asparagus for dinner tonight... I'm already looking forward to it. It's so yummy! Tomorrow is Good Friday and The Husband won't eat meat so we're having shrimp scampi. That's really yummy too... I'm finding it so easy to eat healthy and enjoy my meals... I love it!

Well, it's 10:20 and I need to get us moving or I will not make it back to the Y on time. I have to get The Son dressed, pack our lunches and change out of my uniform. I think I'll make it... wish me luck and have a great Thursday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You spin me right round baby...

like a record baby... you know you have that song in your head now don't you?

Well, it's taken me a couple of days but I'm finally getting around to writing about my experience with my spin class. I tried it last Tuesday and had all intentions of going to day but unfortunately, that did not happen what with The Husband claiming he has a conference call and me ending up taking the dog to the vet for his check-up and all kinds of other life things that got in the way. I will be working out later and The Son will be heading to Kids' Corner, just no spinning today.

Spinning. Here's an article I linked to once before, it seems to cover the basics. More or less, spinning is indoor cycling on a stationary bike set to music. Aerobics on a bike if you will. The instructor who taught the class I took is a parent of one of my swim students. (If I was the kind of teacher who had favorite students, you might even say this boy could be one of the favorites, but I like all of my students equally of course, so we can't say that.) I headed into the class and she set me up on the bike, making sure the seat was set at the right height and explaining the tension knob to me. The tension works on a self-perceived scale of one to ten, ten being impossible to pedal and the teacher will shout out the number at which you should be pedaling as the class progresses. It's nice because beginners like me can control their level. For example my "8" is going to be much less than a spinning veteran's "8".

Our instructor had some cool music playing and we got started at a loose tension. My butt was hurting at the very beginning of class. Even though I have a significant amount of "padding" back there, my bones were not exactly comfortable. They swear that goes away after a few classes and you don't even notice it any more. I look forward to that day. As the class goes on, the tension on the bike increases and the sweat pours from your pores. It was definitely a great work out. There are plenty of times when you are standing on the pedals instead of sitting on the seat but honestly, that was at times, easier than sitting because of those sore butt bones. We did a lot of up and down motions and "caught the beat" of the music to try and get us moving faster. I was definitely one of the slower ones but felt good that I could complete the class at my own pace. I will admit that I was pleased when it was over however. The class I took has a short abs class following and I did that too. (same teacher)

Now for my evaluation...Did I love spinning? No, but I liked it and I will definitely do it again. I think it seems like something that could grow on me once my butt bones stop hurting (because those suckers hurt for about five days!) I also struggle with not being able to "see" how many calories I burn. I know that the treadmill and elliptical machine calorie counters are not completely accurate but they still give me a good indication of how hard I am working and I am addicted to getting the total higher and higher and higher! I think that it's good to switch up the exercise that you do and spinning will be a great work out to add into my "non-weight" lifting days. The women in the class were very welcoming and made me feel comfortable even though I think they thought a girl my size would have trouble keeping up. I was not sore the next day, (other than my butt bones of course) One of the girls has lost over 40 pounds since she started the spinning class so I know it's good exercise. It was fun to try something new since that was one of my goals with my new healthy lifestyle.

Next week.... Zumba?

It's spring break for us this week even though it's FREEZING outside! It's also my Daddy's birthday and I want to wish him a very happy one...we'll have to celebrate on Sunday. I will be calling him later but know that The Son wants to talk to him too and he's at a friend's house at the moment. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A cuteness test.

My computer has been running R....ea.....ll.....y...... slowly lately. I think it's because I have over 9,000 pictures stored on it. They're backed up on CDs, but of course, now I can't find the CDs. (Have you noticed how often I lose things?) I am re-backing them up and deleting them from my computer which for some reason, is causing me anxiety. I just did my first CD and want to make sure that they will upload to this blog from the CD before I delete the folders of my precious Son in his very first months. Enjoy the cuteness...

Yippee! It seems to have worked. I've realized that I haven't been posting current pictures on the blog because it's such a PITA to use my iphoto. I'm hoping that deleting some pictures will help so that I can start putting more current photos up. I miss showing off The Son in all his Big Boy Glory!

I didn't forget that I'm going to blog about spinning, it might happen later today, it might happen tomorrow but trust me, it will happen. Spring break this week so I don't have to work at my morning job (although they might use me a couple days) but I do have to teach swimming. Still, it should be nice to be around the house getting stuff done.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Living Healthy, Living Well...

Healthy Living with

Happy Friday everyone! It's that time again, time to tell you about my weight loss journey and my healthy lifestyle. I got weighed yesterday and lost another .4 pounds. I know it's not much but considering how well I've been doing, it's OK. It brings my total up to 27 pounds which makes me happy because it's a nice solid number and I don't have to account for a few tenths of a pound here or there. I tend to have a few great weeks in a row and then have a week where I don' t lose much at all. This was that week but as long as the scale doesn't move in the opposite direction, I'm feeling good.

I do feel like I need to refocus myself during this upcoming week. I might be getting just a little bit lackadaisical. I haven't been measuring my margarine, I might have eaten a couple "Dove" chocolate Easter Eggs here and there (and by "might have eaten" I mean I did eat) and I know that I need to start tracking my food again... it's definitely the key for me. "If you bite it, you write it!" The other ladies in my group have all committed to getting back on track with our tracking...NO more "tracker slacker" here! There's no problem with having those chocolate Easter Eggs, it's just that I can't have too many and I need to write them down so that I don't forget how many I've eaten and end up eating too many calories for my day.

I'm still loving my working out. Loving. It. I am working on the "Couch to 5K" running program and all of a sudden it's become quite doable. I'm on week four day two. I've tried the program before but found that I couldn't do it very well after week two. I think I was trying to do too much and not following the program. Now that I'm truly following it, it's maybe even kind of fun.

I tried a new exercise class this week too...spinning! For those of you not familiar with spinning, it's a group stationary cycling class set to music. Here's a good little article if you want to check it out. It was fun and I will definitely be doing it again next week. I am constantly reminded of the class every time I sit down... did you know you have bones in your butt? I'll tell you more about it this weekend...

Have a great Friday everyone. Keep it healthy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Continuing my rant...

Yesterday I mentioned that I was feeling like kids today grow up too fast and are exposed to too much unnecessary information too early. The Son is a very observant little boy and he hears everything and asks all kinds of questions. I try to answer him as honestly as possible as often as I can but I really try to limit the kinds of things he sees and hears so that he can continue to stay young and innocent with appropriate language for a five-year-old.

That brings me to my next concern...Comcast Cable's "On Demand" feature. I LOVE "On Demand." There are lots of wonderful kids shows that my son enjoys watching. He is also a really big fan of many of the Animal Planet shows and he will watch them and learn so much. We often follow up with our own research on various "extreme," "weird" or "freaky" animals that he learns about and it's great. What's not so great is the previews Comcast shows as you are trying to choose the program your child wants to watch. There's shooting, violence, cursing and potty humor that is just not humorous at all. I haven't contacted the cable company yet to see if there's any way to turn off the previews (you know there won't be) but I do want to at least express a concern that it's inappropriate.

One final thing that's pretty funny and just proves that I have to really watch what The Son hears is our conversation in the car on the way home from work last night. I was listening to my classic rock station and The Steve Miller Band's song "The Joker" was on.

"I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker."

The Son: (singing along) "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight... talker? Talker Momma? Is that what they say?

Me: (thinking) Ummmm, yep! That's it...midnight talker!

Sorry... just can't explain "toker" to my kid just yet. Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Growing Up Fast.

Today was a big day for me. I enrolled The Son in Kindergarten. I knew this day would come, I actually thought about it on the first day of school in our school district because as most of you know, I work for the YMCA and do morning child care at the elementary school The Son will be attending. I thought of it as I saw all the teeny little students exiting their buses and running excitedly toward the school doors and I thought to myself, "Gee, next year, I'll be institutionalizing my child too." I know that sounds horrible and although I AM a certified teacher, I am not the type of mom to homeschool, The Son and I wouldn't make it a week in that situation. He has to GO to school and fortunately we are in a "good" school district. It still makes it scary and somewhat overwhelming. For me. The Son is thrilled.

So it all got me thinking about how quickly children grow up and how as much as we try to protect them, they still hear and see things we don't want them to know about, or at least don't want them to know about so soon in their sweet, young lives.

As I was driving home this morning, I heard a commercial on the radio. I listen to the Classic Rock station, I enjoy it and it's usually appropritate for my child to listen too but today I heard a commercial for a sandwich shop advertising "The biggest Friggin' sandwich ever!"


When did it become appropriate to use the word "friggin?" on the radio. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what word that word is replacing does it? The Son wasn't with me this morning but I sure wouldn't want him going around using that word, and you know he'd hear it, he hears everything.

I hear children use the phrase , "Oh my God." all the time too and while I am not particularly religious, I still think it sounds offensive, particularly coming out of a five-year-old's mouth. The Son tests me with it on occasion but he knows we say, "Oh my Goodness, Gosh, or even Golly." He often tells me about children who are allowed to say, "Oh my God" and he slowly shakes his head as if he can't believe it. "Butt," "fart," "freaking" (not in the context of "freaking out") "crap," these are all words that I hear children use as a regular part of their vocabularies and while they're not the most offensive words, I just feel like they should be reserved for later in life. Much later. I know kids hear them but I feel as an adult, it's my job to tell The Son that that might not be the nicest way to speak.

I am not a conservative person. As a matter of fact, I consider myself and my views to be quite liberal but I guess I still appreciate some candor and manners with our daily lives and actions. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way. Anyone?

Tomorrow I'll tell you about my big peeve with "On Demand" television.

Have a great day everyone.