Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back from vacation.

Well, we're back from Florida. We had a really great time on Amelia Island and of course I took tons of pictures that I can post at a later date. The Son really loved swimming, and swimming and swimming in the pool. We could barely get him out. It was quite cute. I got a nice tan, although truth be told, half of the color is from a bottle. Can't be too careful in the sun these days of course. We found a bunch of shark teeth on the beach which was quite cool, The Son is now the proud owner of a couple shark's teeth necklaces. He'll be wearing one to school today to show off to his little buddies. 

I really must buckle down on the home organizing and decorating now that we're home. It's difficult because I seriously think I have adult ADHD! I cannot focus on one project at a time. It's also hard because I've really been missing my mom lately and know that she would have been here, probably weekly, to help watch The Son and to finish projects. I'm still so angry that she was taken from us. I just don't know why things like that happen and I guess I never will. It just sucks so bad. 

Wow! I sure can turn a post from happy to sad, huh? 

We finally got some bushes out front, but still no grass. It's amazing though how some mulch and bushes can make the house look so much nicer. I'll try to take some pictures later and change my picture at the top of this page to show how much better things are looking. 

I have to get ready to take The Son to preschool and I have to fill out paper work today to start a new job teaching swimming...should be fun! Bye for now my friends! 

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I'm pleased to report that The Son has been watching "Noggin" this morning. I taped "The Upside Down Show" at his request and he watched that. I conveniently had the channel on Noggin so that when the UDS episode stopped, he'd be forced to see what was on was "Oswald" and he loves "Oswald" so for today, so far, the deprogramming from Sprout is working. 

We're going on a tour of a potato chip factory today, sounds like fun to me but probably not the best thing to go on for a woman who's trying to lose weight! HA! I'll take pictures if we're allowed and post them later. The Son is very excited, he always enjoys watching that "How do they Make That" show on A&E or Discovery or whatever channel it is so I think it will be cool to him. 

We're planting seeds when we get home and the landscapers are done throwing hay around our yard and onto our deck. I sure hope they clean that stuff up! 

The Mud Pit...

is being seeded as I type! HOORAY! I might actually have  a lawn in a few months. That will sure be a new adventure for us considering I haven't had a lawn since I lived at home with my parents and that was over 13 years ago. We're going away on a little trip next week and I'm hoping that won't mess up the growth of the yard if we can't water every day. Right now it's filled with hay and the landscapers are still working, they've been out there all morning...what a process! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Noggin vs. Sprout

Being the mother of a four-year-old, I am intimately familiar with both Noggin and Sprout, "educational television" channels for the pre-school set. We were always Noggin people, The Son never watched Sprout, he didn't even know about Barney until he recently discovered Sprout. I still don't know how he even found it, I will probably have to blame The Husband for that one. The Son has now converted to the religion of "Sproutlet". I however have remained a devotee of the Church of  Noggin. Here's why...

Sprout has "Barney", "Bob the Builder", "Noddy", "Teletubbies", "Fifi and the Flower Tots" and various other annoying kids' shows. They do have "Caillou" (why is that poor kid named Caillou?)  and "Thomas" I like both of those and so does The Son but the good cannot outweigh the bad on this channel and WHAT THE HECK is up with that stupid Chicken Chica on the "Sunny Side Up Show? Now I know we don't say "stupid" in this family but come on...that kazoo voice is enough to make anyone want to barf up their bagel and coffee in the morning. Yet, The Son continues to LOVE IT!  (now if you watch "Dragon Tales," another horrible Sprout show, you know just how to say that) 

Onto Noggin...Noggin has "Wonder Pets", "Jack's Big Music Show", "The Backyardigans", "Oobi", "Oswald", and many other cool kids' shows. "Little Bill" is like the Philadelphia version of  "Caillou" and we love him. Yes, they also have "Lazy Town" and "Dora" but you can't win 'em all, can you? Zee and Moose A. Moose host the moments in between shows and although Zee doesn't  "talk in words" as The Son would say, at least his voice isn't an annoying kazoo sound, he just flutters quietly  along blinking now and again to acknowledge Moose. So much more pleasant than his rival Chica. 

Last but not least... Sprout has commercials! They are all commercials that would be fine for kids to see but if my Son tells me one more time that I need a Swivel Sweeper, Sonic Scrubber or Space Bags, I might lose it. I really might. 

Now I know I could turn the TV off, that would be the easiest thing to do and then no one would have to worry about commercials or kazoo voices or the cool kids vs. the dorky kids shows but then of course, I'd never get anything done around the house, nor would I have time to update this blog or post on my message boards and we all have to have priorities in life, right? That being said, we do plenty of things that don't involve TV like playing at the park or going out in the neighborhood or playing Play*Doh. (don't get me started on that one) Tomorrow we're going to plant some seeds that our realtor sent us a couple weeks ago, it's finally warm enough. The TV has to be on at some times during the day though, that's just the way it is. 

So to sum it all up, I'm going to have to begin the deprogramming of my "Sproutlet" Son and see if I can bring him back home to Noggin, If I don't do something soon, he'll be wanting to be just like Suri Cruise and become a Scientologist, things could get bad around here.  I know it can be done, wish me luck! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Wouldn't mind a few dandelions on this...

Our current "yard"...I affectionately call it "The Mud Pit". The builder should be planting some grass soon...


At what age to we start to think dandelions are ugly weeds and not beautiful flowers? 

This weekend, The Son, was very happy to pick these "beautiful flowers" for me while we were at the park and of course, he insisted that I wear them in my hair. I certainly didn't mind because it was so sweet and made him so happy but it got me thinking, why do we find dandelions in our yard so unappealing? As I drove him to preschool yesterday, he kept remarking at all the "beautiful dandelions" in the fields and you know what? They did look beautiful, all those pretty little specks of yellow dotting green. Now, I know they're not so beautiful close up but they're not all that bad either. All in all, I'm pleased that my little boy can find beauty all around him, as trite as it may sound, isn't that what makes life good? 

Another window treatment...

I did this one a while ago but never had the chance to post the picture. It's for The Son's room and I think it came out pretty cute. Someone once told me that I use the word "cute" way too often, I think he might have been onto something! 
Here's a few pictures of the rest of The Son's room. The color of the bed is wrong, it should match the rest of the furniture. The furniture store is working on getting the correct thing but told us to keep this one until it comes. I don't exactly know how we got the wrong thing but as long as it's worked out, I'll be happy. 

The room still needs some work but The Son is very happy with it so far and eventually, it's going to be just what we've always wanted for him. I'll leave you with a picture of the little guy. 
Isn't he cute? ;) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cute stuff...

So I've been getting moved in and decorating furiously. Well, perhaps not furiously but enough that things are starting to look like a real home. I have lots more to do and probably will for many months but here's a few pictures of my recently completed projects. Here's the mantel. I wanted to do something "springy" that could last until summer. I decided on birds and other natural elements. I saw it on a decorating blog that I frequent and just adapted it to my own style. Here's the full view:
and some close-ups:

Now, that's some cute stuff, if I do say so myself! Spring makes me happy!