Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hello out there! I have to take a quick moment to post even though I think I lost all my readers (all six of them) at this point. Alas, I guess this blog is for me and my family anyway so no big deal.

So, did you see my August running mileage? Yeah. That two week break I was supposed to take? It didn't happen. I took a week off and then my "tendonitis" felt better so I ran and did Zumba. Fortunately, it is still feeling pretty good and I've managed to run a lot more, I think it's the Zumba that irritates it so I have stopped doing that seven days in a row. That might have been a bit of over kill, ya think?

Our summer is going well but unfortunately it's going fast. The Son and I are busy at camp and heading to the pool as much as we can. Today we're going to Sesame Place in the evening to hang out with The Niece, The Baby Niece and The Sister for some water park fun. I can't wait. I used to work there YEAAARRRSS ago and I am excited to go back, it's been too long. I hate to do a post without photos so I'll leave you with two more.

Here's a bumble bee on a zinnia at Longwood Gardens, isn't she cute?

Lastly, a silly one of me with my favorite thing in the summer, CORN! YUM! I cannot get enough! Hope you all have a great Tuesday!


Marie said...

hi back! i've been a horrible slacker at blogging...i've lost my "passion" for it, or something! i still like to check in on a few of you ladies from time to time though... :o) have fun at sesame place!

Heidi said...

You are going to be in my "neck of the woods". We have an orientation tonight at school to meet the school's new principal, or I'd tell you we'd run over (we have Season Passes). Have fun! Sounds like you are having a nice summer, hope you and your family are doing well.

Darlene said...

I'm still around!!! You look FABULOUS!!!! Glad your tendonitis is doing better. The summer is going SOOOO fast. Lexi is really excited though to start Middle School. She thinks she is grown now....lol

Hope you had a great time at the water park. That is where we were all day today. It was HOT!

Chrissy Cuz said...

I'm still here. I have been horrible at running. The heat has been bothering me. Today was perfect running weather & I was so tired after work, I could get going. I am going to try & go out tomorrow morning for a short run. I hope your ankle is feeling better. :o)