Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Back to school, back to the gym.

So, The Son goes back to school today after a long Spring Break. We like to joke that he went to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale but considering he's only 4, that's a pretty silly joke. ;) He had a terrible day at school last week right before the break so I'm hoping today is much better. He has swimming class too so it's really a crap shoot as to whether he'll be good or not. 

When The Son is in school today, I'm going to work out. I've GOT to lose weight,  it's just so difficult. I'm starting out by trying to not eat junk and eating healthier foods, as well as increasing my workouts. I'm getting my metabolism tested on Friday and then I will try to set up an appointment with the nutritionist at the Y as well. That should give me some insight into what I can do to lose more easily. Being 38 and overweight (hey that rhymes!) sucks. 

Our Easter turned out really nice despite some scheduling issues that I won't go into here. (Sister, you know what I mean) I'll try to post some pictures sometime this week when I get them uploaded. The food was delish and my apple pie was Fan-FREAKING-tastic if I do say so why is it I'm having trouble losing weight? HA

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