Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Must get busy...

So I don't know why today is the day that I decided to start a blog. Lord knows I have lots of other things I should be doing. Like unpacking the massive amount of stuff that has come from our City home. I need to make more room for more stuff that The Husband is picking up this week there. We are doing construction on the City home, getting it ready to sell in the near future.  We are moving out in the most inefficient way possible I'm sure. I hope this new house will be just what we need to finally get organized! Ha! 

I'm taking The Son to get  his hair cut which is always a trial, for all parties involved...can't quite understand why he hates it so much. After that, we have to buy new pants for Easter for him, he grew a lot but I guess I didn't realize it until a couple days ago when I looked at the old "dress khakis" and thought, "Hey, these look kind of small." They were. We also need to buy a new iron (I'm obsessed with ironing...must be a cultural thing, ;) ) and I'd like to get a couple throw rugs for the kitchen, powder room and foyer. 

Signing off for now. I'll try to get the hang of this blog thing over the next couple of weeks and really get things moving in the right direction with pictures, cute titles, etc. 

Thanks for reading! 

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