Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Let's be safe!

The other night we were driving home from running our errands and The Son came up with a new "game" that he wanted to play. He called it "The Safety Game". The object of the game is to list things that were not safe...I have no idea how he came up with it but it went a little something like this. 
Son: Momma, do you know anything that's not safe?

Me: Sure, what do you mean exactly?

Son: Like running in the street is not safe, right?

Me: Yep, and talking to strangers when Momma is not around is not safe.

Son: What are some more things that are not safe?

Me: Well... (racking my brain because this is my time to tell him all those things Mom's are supposed to tell their kids but now he's actually listening) running with scissors, that's really not safe.

...we continue on for a bit...

Son: I know! I know! 

Me: Ok, go ahead

Son: Getting too close to an alligator, that's not safe either. 

Me: (LMAO) Yes Honey, you're right we definitely don't want to get close to an alligator. 

Son: A crocodile wouldn't be good either huh? 

I didn't have the heart to tell him we aren't going to see any such reptiles any time soon unless we're at the zoo, besides...he's not exactly wrong. We got home shortly after that and he hasn't asked to play the game again but next time, I'll be prepared with LOTS more things that aren't safe: smoking, underage drinking,  drugs, unprotected sex, etc., etc...OK, maybe a few years for those. 

Back to school, back to the gym.

So, The Son goes back to school today after a long Spring Break. We like to joke that he went to Cancun or Ft. Lauderdale but considering he's only 4, that's a pretty silly joke. ;) He had a terrible day at school last week right before the break so I'm hoping today is much better. He has swimming class too so it's really a crap shoot as to whether he'll be good or not. 

When The Son is in school today, I'm going to work out. I've GOT to lose weight,  it's just so difficult. I'm starting out by trying to not eat junk and eating healthier foods, as well as increasing my workouts. I'm getting my metabolism tested on Friday and then I will try to set up an appointment with the nutritionist at the Y as well. That should give me some insight into what I can do to lose more easily. Being 38 and overweight (hey that rhymes!) sucks. 

Our Easter turned out really nice despite some scheduling issues that I won't go into here. (Sister, you know what I mean) I'll try to post some pictures sometime this week when I get them uploaded. The food was delish and my apple pie was Fan-FREAKING-tastic if I do say so why is it I'm having trouble losing weight? HA

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Housewife!

So in this new house I'm beginning to feel more and more like the housewife I've always wanted to be. In our old house, I never felt able to accomplish anything. When I got things looking good (like for a house tour or something) it wasn't manageable...heck, it looked great for the moment but the house was so small with no storage that I couldn't sustain it. Look, here's some pictures:

Cute right? I think so if I do say so myself... the thing is it's not sustainable...not liveable. The house was charming and historic but too small. It's still sad to think that one day it won't be ours at all but at the same time, I'm loving the new house and all it's possibilities. 

Tomorrow is Easter. I'm having it here and it will be the first time I've entertained for a holiday. Considering we've been married for 13 years, that's pretty funny to me. It should be fun but it's also sad because my mom won't be with us, she was excited about this house, helping me decorate, spending holidays here, etc. and now with her gone, there's a definite hole in all our lives, to put it frankly, it sucks. I don't think that will ever go away but like I tell The Son, at least we can remember the times we had with her and she'll always be with us in our hearts. 

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still working...

The Son did great at his haircut yesterday. I was so proud of him. He looks adorable of course, clean cut and neat as a pin. I'll have to post a picture soon. 

So today we're still working around the new house. I have so much to do and I seriously think I have Adult ADD. I stop and start a million projects but none of them seem to get finished. Decorating and organizing a  house this size is quite the Sisyphean task, when you can't focus AND when half your stuff is still at another house. Not to complain though, going from 1200 square feet to over 3,600 isn't really anything to complain about. 

So I did get one little project powder room window treatment. I think it looks really cute although the picture isn't that great. I was surprised that I actually found the fabric at Wal*Mart. It's decent quality decorating fabric too. Nice! That's it in the picture there off to the right, pretty cute right? 

Well, I must get busy on all these little jobs. I just keep on plugging away...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Must get busy...

So I don't know why today is the day that I decided to start a blog. Lord knows I have lots of other things I should be doing. Like unpacking the massive amount of stuff that has come from our City home. I need to make more room for more stuff that The Husband is picking up this week there. We are doing construction on the City home, getting it ready to sell in the near future.  We are moving out in the most inefficient way possible I'm sure. I hope this new house will be just what we need to finally get organized! Ha! 

I'm taking The Son to get  his hair cut which is always a trial, for all parties involved...can't quite understand why he hates it so much. After that, we have to buy new pants for Easter for him, he grew a lot but I guess I didn't realize it until a couple days ago when I looked at the old "dress khakis" and thought, "Hey, these look kind of small." They were. We also need to buy a new iron (I'm obsessed with ironing...must be a cultural thing, ;) ) and I'd like to get a couple throw rugs for the kitchen, powder room and foyer. 

Signing off for now. I'll try to get the hang of this blog thing over the next couple of weeks and really get things moving in the right direction with pictures, cute titles, etc. 

Thanks for reading!