Saturday, March 14, 2009

No excuses... and... Living Healthy, Living Well

I have been a Very Bad Blogger this week. Truth is, lots of stuff is going on in the CityFamily/CountryFamily household. Lots. Of. Stuff. Life changing stuff but... I can't tell you about any of it right now. (NO! I am NOT pregnant!) ha ha! It's also nothing bad or anything that should be worried about, at least not by any one other than us. Frankly, it's all pretty good stuff.

I started teaching a scrapbooking class on Thursdays now, it's fun but kind of a hard thing to teach to kindergartners and a first grader... they're good girls though and The Son comes with me and has been fairly well-behaved while I teach.

Tonight is "Tiki Night" at our YMCA, I'm not completely sure what that means but we're going and The Son is very excited. Should be a good time...

So, now on to my Living Healthy post that my friend Naomi so kindly reminded me wasn't here yesterday, I had some friends over last night and was consumed by thoughts of getting ready for that.

Adventures in Healthy Living with
City Momma/Country Momma

I had a fantastic week... I lost... are you ready... 4.8 pounds! My grand total thus far is 23.6 and I am VERY, VERY pleased! I actually thought I had a bad week this week but clearly, was wrong. I don't really know why I dropped so much in one week, perhaps it was changing up my work out routine? I used to do a half an hour to 45 mintues of cardio (depending on the day) and then do my weights, after my weights I would go back and do another half an hour of cardio on some other machine. At the suggestion of one of the trainers at the Y, I changed that second half an hour into 3 ten minute segments with four or five weight machines/free weight exercises in between. It turns out I burned a lot more calories and could really feel the difference in my heart rate as I was doing the weight machines. I'm incorporating this change into my work outs a couple times a week now. That brings me to my weight loss philosophy for the week. It's an "inspirational" quote I saw on the ever-changing sign outside of our YMCA... "Small changes yield big results." I started this healthy lifestyle a few months ago by making small changes in my diet, in my activity and in my thoughts and now, here I am, almost 25 pounds lighter, feeling stronger and more healthy every day. I am determined. I have made small changes that will stick with me for the rest of my life now and I never feel deprived. (well, almost never ;) when I do, I quickly get over it)

My suggestion for an easy small change that will help you to be healthier no matter who you are is, drink more water! That was the first thing we were asked to do in our weight loss program and it's definitely a small change that's helped with my "big" results!

Have a great weekend everyone... I'll try to be a better blogger this week.


Cathy said...

I was going to say you have been a "blog slacker" this week....just like your little sister!! :)

Congrats as usual on your awesome progress. I am very proud of you!!

Chrissy Cuz said...

I enjoy your living healthy blogs. Also congratulations on your progress. Way to go!! :o)

Jennifer H said...

I also really enjoy reading your living healthy posts. They're very inspiring to me - more than you may ever know!! Thank you!! Keep up your great work!!!

Jennifer (mo-ville)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Oh. MY. I'm catching up here and each post I read the pounds are melting off (melting off you; sadly, not me. :-) AMAZING!