Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Remember those leprechauns?

Remember those leprechauns that came to my house on St. Patrick's Day and played all those naughty and mischievous tricks on us? Well, I think they came back, only this time they took The Son's immunization record that I just got yesterday.

The Son had his 5 year old check up yesterday morning and the poor kid had to get four vaccinations! It was traumatic for all parties involved but We he got through it just fine. There was a little bit of crying and screaming about four shots all at once, but as soon as the nurse calmed me down, I was able to hold The Son on my lap and she was very quick in administering the vaccines. The Son cried a little bit too but was VERY good all in all. He's 41.3 inches tall and 41.6 pounds. He's in the 10th percentile for height but I sure wasn't surprised by that. I'm 5 foot 8 but The Husband is shorter than I am so we're not expecting The Son to be all that tall. Anyway, we finished up the appointment, they gave me the paper I need to enroll him in Kindergarten next week and sent us on our merry way.

The Son was VERY interested in why he was getting the vaccines and wanted full details on all of the diseases that would be prevented by them. The office gives us sheets of information about the diseases and he insisted that I read the entire sheet about each and every vaccine and we continued to discuss them throughout the day. Oddly enough he was familiar with the disease "lockjaw" and was pleased that his tetanus shot would be preventing that should he ever step on a rusty nail. Incidentallym we've now added "doctor" to his list of possible professions that he would like to be when he grows up. For the record, here's that list.

1. Paleontologist
2. Veterinarian
3. Ramine Biologist (that would be Marine Biologist to most of us)
4. President of the United States (He's already said Momma can live in the White House with him)
5. Doctor

Ok, back to the story...

We came home, The Son had his special treat of one mini Kit Kat bar and a bag of caramel rice cakes. Yes, rice cakes... The Son doesn't get much junk food and caramel rice cakes are definitely a treat for him. I decided to have a bowl of cereal and another cup of coffee so I got it all ready to take in the study to eat while I was on the computer facebooking and reading blogs. (Don't judge me, it's OK to eat in front of the computer if The Son is watching "Noggin") I brought the immunization record into the study with me to put it in the envelope with The Son's birth certificate, (the birth certificate that I had to send away for because I can't find the original right now.) At least I thought I brought it into the study with me, I guess I forgot about it because this morning I realized that it was now missing. It can't be in that many places, and I've searched them all but to no avail. That's why I'm convinced that those naughty leprechauns came back and took the paper. There's no other option. I honestly cannot figure out where the darn thing could be. Looks like I'll be making another trip back to the pediatrician again sometime before next week. Damn leprechauns...


Darlene said...

Those DARNED leprechauns!!!!!! Hopefully you find it before you have to go back and get another one....cause you know when you get another one, the original will be right in plain sight when you get back home....hehehe

Nina said...

my pediatrician's office will send it to me. just call. I had them send it because the one I kept at home was missing a few (I carry it in my pocketbook but he's younger so gets them more often) and it was a good thing because they had dates wrong on some. and in utah they're pretty strict about getting them at the right time and you have to redo them if htey are one day early. that would be easier, right?

LadyFi said...

I hate it when naughty gnomes do that - they are in our house too quite a lot!

Anonymous said...

Oh bummer! I hope you find it.

Michelle said...

Kara had her five-year-old checkup at the beginning of March. She was sooooo pissed about the shots!! OMG, she was just crying and screamin "no! no!" the whole time. I had to hold her while the poor nurse gave her the shots. Awful.

Oh, and she was 45 1/4 inches tall and 49 3/4 pounds. She's like a freakin' giant!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

On the bright side, I am sure when you move to the White House, there will be People to take care of these types of things for you.

That is, unless he becomes a Ramine Biologist instead. (That is, like, the cutest thing EVER!)