Friday, April 17, 2009

More random thoughts and living healthy...

Hi! I've been busy getting ready for our Disney trip. I need to do my:

Healthy Living with

post today but I don't have much to say about it right now so I'm going to do a couple random thoughts and tell you about my weigh in.

  • I lost another 1.4 pounds this week. For those of you who are counting, (I sure am,) that's a total of 34.8! Pretty close to 35 if I do say so myself. Lots more to go but I am feeling great, better than ever. When I pick up The Son who weighs 41.5, it's amazing to think that I was carrying almost an extra "him" around with me. Unreal...
  • I'm on week six of my Couch to 5K plan and I've been running 5K each time I run. I can't seem to beat my best time of 39:14 but I'm still running and that's all that matters to me. I'm staying on the program though and I think soon, I'll be able to beat that (very slow) best time. I will say, the running is SO much easier as I lose the weight. I'm feeling very fit for a "big" girl.
  • I'm a little panicky about my healthy eating on our Disney trip. Because we have a kitchen, we will be eating all of our breakfasts in the room. That will help me a lot. I also have healthy snacks that I am bringing, but eating dinner out every night is scary to me. I hope that I can stay on track. I will be exercising in addition to walking all over the parks so as long as I don't gain, I'll be pleased.
  • Did you know that when you go out to eat, they butter your meat? Yes, Butter. Your. Meat. I don't mean that pat of butter they put on top of the steak after it's cooked, I mean butter, as it's cooking. I also don't just mean steak, they do it on chicken, fish, all kinds of stuff. Just something to keep in mind... ask when you order. I know I will be! (This is according to Miss Phyllis our nutritionist for my weight loss group and so far she hasn't steered me wrong so I believe it! No wonder everything tastes so damn good when you go out!)
Well, I have to clean and get ready for company that's coming tonight, I also have to shower, take The Son to school, go to the grocery store to get things for dinner tonight and breakfast tomorrow as well as straighten up around here... not to mention that I haven't packed ONE measly thing for me OR The Son!

Have a great day everyone. Stay healthy and enjoy Spring!


Cathy said...

Awesome! I was wondering how you did this week - apple pie and all!!

Anonymous said...

Good job on your progress! You'll find things you can eat on vacation. It won't be as hard as you think! Have fun!