Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Airborne, Exercise, Healthy Eating or...

All of the above?

Can I just say that I am feeling SO much better? Honestly, I cannot believe that my cold is practically gone this quickly. (knocking on wood)

I started feeling sick on Saturday with a little scratchy throat and I started taking my Airborne faithfully, in fact, I might have even taken a couple when The Son had his cold a couple days before. I swear by that Airborne. It may or may not actually do anything but I know that before I discovered Airborne, my colds would last for at least a week and would inevitably end up with coughing for a good week after that. If we count Sunday as the day I really started feeling terrible, that makes this a cold that had only two "bad days", one "kind of bad day" and the "day that I actually started feeling much better", which is today. Thank you Airborne.

I also realize that over all, I am probably just healthier. My immune system is happy now because of all the healthy food I give my body on a daily basis. I did work out on Monday which was REALLY hard to do because I felt lousy, but after I completed the 5K on the treadmill, I felt GREAT! It wasn't the best night at work either because teaching swimming with a stuffy nose and no tissues in sight is not the easiest thing to do. I took yesterday off from the gym but I am raring to go today. I am hoping that I won't start coughing after my run today... I guess that remains to be seen. (Note to self: pack cough medicine in the gym bag)

Anyway, it's a quick post today, about nothing all that interesting... sorry. I'm busy and trying to get organized for my trip, I also have to have all my report cards completed as well as lesson plans for my (still non-existent) sub for two weeks of swimming lessons. Lots to do and you know I won't sacrifice my work outs to get other things done which means... it ALL has to fit in somewhere.

Enjoy your day everyone, the weather here is miserable and I am anxiously awaiting some Floridian weather... they don't call it the "Sunshine State" for nothing ya know?


Darlene said...

I am so glad you are feeling so much better! I might have to try that Airborne.

Anonymous said...

So glad you feel much better. good luck finding a sub. Good luck on your run today

Chrissy Cuz said...

I swear by Airborne too. I have been taking it for years and I have not had a bad cold in years. Just mild ones if any. Go Airborne!! :o)