Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Momma's Little Hip Hop Dancer

I mentioned it a couple blog posts ago, The Son recently performed with his Hip Hop class from the YMCA at the Y's annual "Good Kids Campaign Dinner." He had the best time. He started out a bit nervous but did a fantastic job and ended saying, "I want to do that again." For those of you who know us or have been long time readers, you know that The Husband and I met doing a musical many years ago so we like to think performing is in The Son's genes...

Here's a few pictures for you:

This is evidently an Official Hip Hop Pose. Momma's little thug, I'm oh so proud.

A family shot before the kids went on to perform. Like my dress? Goodwill $5!

Here's a few of the kids waiting to go on, they're all carrying Chicken Noodle Soup for the Y's canned food drive and because one of the songs they danced to was called "Chicken Noodle Soup."

Here's a few of the kids on stage, I was bummed that I couldn't get closer but you can at least see that in this first shot, The Son is in like with all the other kids, (he started out in the back row) as the pictures progress, you might notice that he ends up front and center, in front of everyone. It totally cracked me up. I don't know where he gets that need for attention (looks around sheepishly.)

The second song they danced to was a hip hop version of "Awesome God." I am not very religious but it was a cool song and very appropriate for kids hip hop at the YMCA. The funny thing is though that our little heathen thought it was "Awesome Guy" not God. "Our guy is an awesome guy, he reigns from heaven above, with wisdom power and love, our guy is an awesome guy." LMAO! The Husband set him straight on the correct words. He agreed that that made a lot more sense. ha ha!

All in all, we had a really fun night and the next day I received lots of positive feedback about The Son's performance and stage presence. I think I see an acting career in his future... after the career as a paleontologist and an astronomer of course.

Have a great afternoon everyone. I'm off to the Y for a nice run before I have to pick up The Son and then teach swim lessons and art class. I think this is the last week for art class. Phew! It's been tricky right after swimming... Happy blogging, stay healthy!


Darlene said...

Those are such cute pictures and it sounds like he did an AWESOME job!!!!

Running Jen said...

He sure is a cutie! Great pictures!