Monday, December 28, 2009

A Holiday Poem Rewrite and a Recap of our Holiday...

'Twas the day before my 40th birthday when all through the house, The Son was enjoying our new Wii console with a man I call The Spouse (or The Husband if you want to be particular.)

The presents were all opened, lots of toys had been unwrapped and I felt like this was the perfect time for a little holiday recap.

On December 20th we thought, "What do you know?" as we enjoyed watching lots and lots of new fallen snow. Ziggy was thrilled,

The son was too, he laid right down and knew just what to do.

On the day after the snowstorm we knew just where to go... to Longwood Gardens, not many others were visiting because of the snow. The company that joined us enjoyed all the beauty as did The Son, our little Christmas cutie.

In lieu of presents for the Kindergarten teacher we were asked instead to buy items for a "Giving Tree" that would feature, socks and underwear and hats galore for children who didn't have many and needed some more.

While I followed directions and we picked out hats and gloves, I had had to make
something for the teacher we loved, a few note cards I crafted and wrapped up real quick, my usual "go to" item when I want to play St. Nick.

The next thing I knew, it was Christmas Eve and Santa was leaving some PJ's under the tree, they weren't very Christmasy, that much was true, but The Son was excited by them and posed really cute too.

Christmas day was spent with family and friends, a busy, busy day, the kids hoped the fun would never end. The Niece, The Baby Niece and also The Son got lots of fun presents and enjoyed every one. The children we have must have been especially good this year because Santa was generous, he's such a dear.

Maxus Dragonoid, a Bakugan toy is the favorite present of my little boy, he's played with it more than any toy yet and he even played with The Niece and her Princesses set.

Another year past more memories made, hold those memories close and don't let them fade. I hope you've enjoyed my little holiday story, I'm off to enjoy this day with The Son for tomorrow I'll be FORTY!

Happy Monday to you all!


Cathy said...

that was really cute! The kids look so BIG!!! When did that happen?? Love Julia's tongue!

Happy Early Birthday Sister! :)

Running Jen said...

Well Caren, you sure don't look forty! Enjoy your birthday, I hope it's a fabulous day!

Glad you had a great holiday season, it looks like the son had fun, and your nieces are too cute too!

Darlene said...

What cute pictures of everyone enjoying their gifts! Hope you enjoy your Birthday tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post! You are the best :)Enjoy your day! xo~Melissa

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Definitely looks like a jolly time was had by all! The photo of you and your son is my fave. Damn, you look good! :-)