Friday, May 14, 2010

Broad Street Run-- Race Recap part 2

Hi Friends! If you want to read part 1 of my race recap, click here first. Also, to my anonymous commenter... Thank you so much for your sweet comments, do I know you? Are you always the same person who is commenting? I do appreciate your comments (since you are one of the only ones who's been commenting) but I'd love to know if I actually know you.

So, when we last left off we were talking about heading to dinner, we had already taken the time to set up our clothes for the next day, organize our pre-race breakfasts and everything that we would need to bring with us when we left the hotel at 6AM.

Here's my race day breakfast, an Asiago Cheese Bagel from Panera Bread with light cream cheese. I also eat a can of pineapple but didn't take a picture of that. ;) I think the only reason I do races is to give myself license to eat a bagel now and again. I used to love bagels but really watch how often I eat them now because bagels = lots of calories!

Here's all our race gear lined up and ready for the next morning.

...and here is the "view" from our room, not terribly beautiful but we didn't care.

After all our organizing... we left for dinner.

I'm disappointed with myself that I didn't take any pictures of me and my friend Stacy, I wasn't thinking, in my defense, I was preoccupied with the race the next day. We met up with The Brother-in-Law who was also doing the race, let's call him Dr. BIL. We didn't have reservations and in hind sight, we should have but we ended up finding a little pizza/wine restaurant in Center City Philly called Zavino. I liked my pizza but wasn't overly impressed with the place as far as service and menu over all. I had the Kennett Pizza which I thought was very fitting for me since I live near Kennett Square, PA, the mushroom capital of the world! The Kennett Pizza had bechamel sauce and three different kinds of mushrooms on it and it was yummy! I also had one glass of wine. The "salad" of mixed greens was lousy, it was truly a few different kinds of leaves on a plate with some vinaigrette poured over it. Not. Impressed. I wouldn't go here again and wouldn't recommend it, it was kind of meh.

After dinner, we headed across the street to Capogiro Gelato. If I didn't need the carbs for my run the next day, I could have skipped dinner and had just gelato. Oh. My. Goodness. It's fantastic there. I had been there before but it's been a long time. If you're not familiar with gelato or think you like pieces of stuff in your ice cream so you won't like gelato, let me just tell you, gelato is not ice cream, it's a completely different experience and so darn delicious! I had the dark chocolate, coconut and nutella flavors. Those are not the Italian names that they have at the shop but I can't remember the Italian names. Evidently, they have a Sea Salt flavor that tastes great with the Dark Chocolate but they were out of it... next time. Chrissy Cuz and Dr. BIL also loved the gelato and I think we all had similar choices for flavors. YUM!

So, after dinner, we headed back to our hotel, Dr. BIL went his way, back to his hotel, we said goodbye to Stacy and we went to get some much-needed sleep, we knew that 5 AM would be here WAY too soon.

It was so fantastic to see Stacy, it had been years since we saw each other and I'm glad that we've rekindled our friendship. We used to work at The Marriott together and those were some fun and crazy times... Love you Stacy!

Well, I'll stop with my recap for now and tell you about the actual race the next time. I have to get ready for a meeting with my boss/guru and have to get The Son ready for school. Have a great Friday everyone! Please leave a comment if you stop by and let me know who you are!

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Chrissy Cuz said...

The gelato was delish. It was one of the best things I've ever tasted. I need to look online to find out if I can get it anywhere in CT.