Tuesday, April 15, 2008


At what age to we start to think dandelions are ugly weeds and not beautiful flowers? 

This weekend, The Son, was very happy to pick these "beautiful flowers" for me while we were at the park and of course, he insisted that I wear them in my hair. I certainly didn't mind because it was so sweet and made him so happy but it got me thinking, why do we find dandelions in our yard so unappealing? As I drove him to preschool yesterday, he kept remarking at all the "beautiful dandelions" in the fields and you know what? They did look beautiful, all those pretty little specks of yellow dotting green. Now, I know they're not so beautiful close up but they're not all that bad either. All in all, I'm pleased that my little boy can find beauty all around him, as trite as it may sound, isn't that what makes life good? 


Michelle said...

You know, your little guy and my daughter would get along splendidly! She also loves dandelions! Just this weekend she was picking some in the yard and showing us how pretty they are. LOL!!

Nikki said...

awh...they are still pretty in your hair :D Mine still insist I put a boquet on my kitchen table every year!

I pay the kids $.01 for each "flower" they pick out of the yard before they go to seed. Hopefully less this year as we have found some good control juice for those beauties ;)

For me, they become less attractive when they seed themselves all over my yard/neighborhood. If I planted them it would be another story.

Have you ever tasted the milky substance in the steam? DONT! ha..its nasty!

Country Gardener said...

They're pretty when they're blooming, but get awfully hideous as soon they send their billions of seeds into the world and grow into big ugly plants.