Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back from vacation.

Well, we're back from Florida. We had a really great time on Amelia Island and of course I took tons of pictures that I can post at a later date. The Son really loved swimming, and swimming and swimming in the pool. We could barely get him out. It was quite cute. I got a nice tan, although truth be told, half of the color is from a bottle. Can't be too careful in the sun these days of course. We found a bunch of shark teeth on the beach which was quite cool, The Son is now the proud owner of a couple shark's teeth necklaces. He'll be wearing one to school today to show off to his little buddies. 

I really must buckle down on the home organizing and decorating now that we're home. It's difficult because I seriously think I have adult ADHD! I cannot focus on one project at a time. It's also hard because I've really been missing my mom lately and know that she would have been here, probably weekly, to help watch The Son and to finish projects. I'm still so angry that she was taken from us. I just don't know why things like that happen and I guess I never will. It just sucks so bad. 

Wow! I sure can turn a post from happy to sad, huh? 

We finally got some bushes out front, but still no grass. It's amazing though how some mulch and bushes can make the house look so much nicer. I'll try to take some pictures later and change my picture at the top of this page to show how much better things are looking. 

I have to get ready to take The Son to preschool and I have to fill out paper work today to start a new job teaching swimming...should be fun! Bye for now my friends! 


The Nester said...

Hey girl! I wanted to come visit because I didn't think I had been here before! Love your pretty house and I'm so sorry about your mom.

Thanks for your funny comment over at my place. Now, roll up your sleeves and well get the decorating done in your free time and within budget!

Glad to know you!

Caren said...

Thanks Nester! I'm so glad you stopped by. I feel like a real celebrity has been here now. Your blog has helped me with a lot of ideas. Keep 'em coming!