Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Cute stuff...

So I've been getting moved in and decorating furiously. Well, perhaps not furiously but enough that things are starting to look like a real home. I have lots more to do and probably will for many months but here's a few pictures of my recently completed projects. Here's the mantel. I wanted to do something "springy" that could last until summer. I decided on birds and other natural elements. I saw it on a decorating blog that I frequent and just adapted it to my own style. Here's the full view:
and some close-ups:

Now, that's some cute stuff, if I do say so myself! Spring makes me happy! 


Nikki said...

It IS cute! You did a great job :D

I'm betting your going nuts with what to do with all that new big open spaces! My mind would be spinning.

Those green eggs around the front, are they grassy? what are they made of?

Caren said...

Thanks Nikki! They were called "moss covered stones" at Michaels!

Michelle said...

Pretty, Caren!!

I still love your new house. I want to move in!! LOL!!!