Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Rockin' party fun!

Hi all! Yesterday I mentioned that this Saturday we will be holding our first ever "Good Old-Fashioned at Home Birthday Party" for The Son who is turning five on Friday. The coolest kids in the pre-school set are invited, and so far we have affirmative answers from thirteen of them, including The Son and The Niece. The final date to RSVP is tomorrow so I'm guessing that a few more might also say that they're coming.

I'm frightened. That's a lot of kids.

I have a few activities planned but if you feel like commenting and offering suggestions for more, please, please, please do. The Teen-Niece in New Hampshire says we need to play some Ozzy and that "Crazy Train" would be ideal. Considering The Son's love of Thomas the Tank Engine, I think we might just have to do that. The Reverend W. Awdry might roll over in his grave at that, but I reviewed the song's lyrics and they're not inappropriate so bring on the Ozzy!

When the guests enter, The Bouncer (aka The Husband who will be dressed in his Jimi Hendrix t-shirt) will be checking their names off of the guest list and providing VIP passes for all attendees. They will be ushered into the VIP lounge where they will design their goody bags. Following the goody bag design, they'll move to the kitchen where they will decorate slice and bake sugar cookies that will be baked and served later. We will probably have both of these activities going on at once depending on how timely the guests arrive.

The games will be as follows:
- bean bag toss
- musical rug (like musical chairs but you don't want to be on the rug when the music stops)
- pin the microphone on the mic stand
- Hot Potato (I'm going to design an CD cover with The Son on it that we'll pass around)
- Freeze dance

After the games, we're going to allow The Son to open his presents and then serve cake, cookies and snacks. The goody bags will be filled as the guests snack and after two hours of fun and festivities, they'll be sent on their way. I think it sounds like a fantastic "Good Old-Fashioned at Home Birthday Party," don't you?

I hope we survive.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about the decorating. Have a great day!


Cathy said...

WOW! 13, huh?? going to be interesting to say the least! At least there will be a lot of adults there as well to help in the chaos. ;) I think what you have planned will be great. I know Lily can't wait!!

Marie said...

I love the idea for this birthday party!!! I'm worried I may have to throw my daughter a bday party this year. This sounds right up her alley. Have a great time. :o)

OH! I cracked up at the term "loftice"...you are funny! I'm in the process of trying powder on my boot...I think it's working!!

ChrissyCuz said...

It sounds like it is going to be fun. I have my outfit all planned. I hope the bouncer doesn't throw me out, being the wild rocker that I am. Do I get a goody bad too? LOL!!!
Rocker Cuz :o)

AustinTwinMommy said...

Good luck chica!! At one point, I had a total of 17 kids (including the twins) and I tell ya, IT'S A MAD HOUSE! but it's so worth it. He's gonna have a ton of fun . . . and some great memories!