Thursday, May 14, 2009

Disney Trip: The Magic Kingdom

I have to begin today's post by mentioning that The Sister is having a scheduled c-section today! She's giving birth to their second girl. I'm very excited to be Aunt Kiki to another beautiful little girl! I'll post more information if I get any details later today! Love you Sissy! Good luck!

We started our second day at The Magic Kingdom. The Son was especially excited to visit because we told him he could be "in charge" of what we were going to do. He was very proud to have that power. We decided to head over to Frontierland and check out the lines for Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. We decided to get a fast pass for Splash Mountain and headed under an little pavilion to find this cute little play area themed around the Splash Mountain ride (which is themed around the Brer Rabbit stories) The Husband had to make a business call which gave The Son ample time to play here. It was for ages 2-5 and you can tell from the pictures that he loved it!

Can I take this moment to say a couple things about traveling to Disney? I'm on my Disney soap box so to speak. When a play area has an age limit, parents, please abide by it. This little area was a hidden gem and I think a lot of people missed it but I encountered plenty of areas where the children playing there were WELL above the posted ages. It makes it difficult for the little ones when parents allow this. I had to keep reminding The Son (and he's a pretty gentle boy) that there were younger children around and to be careful so you can only imagine what 8, 9 and 10 year olds do in areas like this. It's a major pet peeve of mine. There were plenty of obviously older kids with younger siblings who behaved appropriately, I certainly don't mean these people but there's always some rough-housing, mean kid who ruins it for lots of others.

Also, I know trips are expensive, I know most people want to make sure to see everything but I believe parents need to remind themselves that these are times that are special to children. Allowing a kid to play in a little play area, or watch an interesting Floridian bird, instead of traipsing to yet another line, is going to be the kind of thing they remember about their trip to Disney. I saw so many crying, irritable kids and haggard parents who were clearly just trying to do too much. It made me sad. I am happy to say that we kept the whining and irritableness to a minimum. Yes, we unfortunately missed the Peter Pan ride but we were still happy for most of the trip. And speaking of that interesting Floridian Bird...

The Son was fascinated, the people on the bench were feeding this guy pieces of turkey leg which seemed so wrong to me but it was LOVING it. Others tried to feed him popcorn or pieces of pretzel and all he wanted was turkey. Cannibal.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'll have more Magic Kingdom pictures soon as well as details on my new niece. Tomorrow is my weigh-in for our Living Healthy, Living Well program. I've had a good week but this is the week of the month when it's often difficult to lose weight, girls, you know what I mean. Hopefully, I'll lose a little something...

Enjoy your Thursday!


Nina said...

Caren, I've really been enjoying your trip through your pictures - thanks for sharing. that was one of the best things when I lived in florida with my sister many years ago, we got resident passes and would go most weekends to Disney and drive 2-3 if one of her then 4 kids got crabby, one of us would leave with them (not as punishment just ok you're tired, or whatever so we don't have to stay)...we packed healthy lunches and drinks and it was a great way to enjoy the parks. good luck to your sister...hope everything turns out perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these pictures - I am looking forward to seeing more. I like seeing the Son enjoying himself. Oh, and about the age thing with kids - I hear ya, you can find some pretty rough older kids in the playscape at McD's! I can't wait to hear about your newest niece and an update on your 'healthy living'. Oh, and isn't it race day tomorrow?! Good luck! I hope you rock it!