Saturday, May 9, 2009

My final week training plan...

I mentioned yesterday that I'm running a 5 K on Saturday, May 16, a week from today. Well, I am officially signed up. The Son and The Husband are signed up to do the 1 mile Family Fun Walk. I've talked to a couple real runners and formulated a plan for my work-outs this week. I ran 5K yesterday but didn't beat my best time. I was very close with 37:10. I still can't run the entire three miles, I usually take a short one or two minute walk break after about two miles. The fact that I'm running at all, boggles my mind and someday I will be able to run the full 3.1 and then some... I'm also going to update this post each day this upcoming week in green to show what I've accomplished so far. It helps me keep on track.

Saturday (today)- AMT machine , 30 minutes or regular elliptical if I can't get on the AMT, 15 minutes stair mill. Full body weights, stretching.
35 minutes AMT machine = 510 Calories,
arm free weights, ab machine
10 minutes stair mill = 130 Calories,
leg machines,
10 minutes Hill program on treadmill, = 100 Calories,
Back machines, arm/shoulder machines
10 minutes bike = 100 Calories
Total Cardio Calories = 840! Great work out!

Sunday- I won't be able to head to the Y for various reasons but I'm hoping the weather will be nice and The Son and I will take Ziggy for a nice long walk, basically for me, this is considered a day off. Took the day off completely. It was nice.

Monday- 5K run. Try to beat my best time. I'm also meeting with my trainer on Monday afternoon so not really sure what she'll be having me do. I'd like to get another 15 minutes on the AMT or stair mill in, if possible. I'll also be teaching swimming.
Great work out! I ran the entire 5K (on the treadmill) with no stopping! 36:10 best time ever! I did not meet with my trainer... don't know where she was. Did arm weights and ab machine and then finished up with 30 minutes on the AMT machine. Total cardio calories burned = 930!

Tuesday- another day off, dog walk day.

Wednesday- I always call this my "last chance workout" since I get weighed in on Thursday. Full work out, run my 5 K, etc. I really push myself on Wednesdays in the gym and then I teach swimming. (Last week I was SO sweaty that my entire pony tail was wet... gross, I know but I LOVE it!)

Thursday- day off

Friday- light work out. Walk the 5 K, full weights.

Saturday- RACE!

One of my friends left a comment yesterday about taking two full days off before the race, which I know, in theory is probably a great idea but I can't do it. ha ha! I have to take off on Thursdays because of everything else we have going on but I can't bring myself to take off on Friday too. I know it's a good idea Jen, and I'll promise to take it easy on Friday but I must work out. I don't think it will hurt me since I'm just doing the 5 K anyway. Thanks for your advice though, I really do appreciate it.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! I'm off to the Y to work my ass off... literally! ha!


Running Jen said...

I think you have a good plan Caren. That's ok to work out on Friday, I think it's good that you're planning a lighter workout that day. The 2 days off pre-race, I have really found to be more important for the longer distances. When I have done 15K's and the half marathon, I found the 2 days off helped a ton. But, with a 5K, you will be fine. Of course, I am not trying to say that 5K is a small distance that isn't worthy of some rest ahead of time for a good race. I just think, since you're already doing 5K runs often, you should be fine, as you have a good schedule planned leading up to the race.

Good luck! And, I know what you mean about the sweat. When I get home from the gym and take off a soaked sports bra, I absolutely love it!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

Yay! Wow, I can't believe the race is this weekend (!!). I'll be thinking of you. There's a nice, flat outdoor course by the shore house that's 5k (streets and boardwalk, but I know it'd 5k because I ran a local race)...I TOTALLY need to get going on that, especially now that the weather's nicer. I'm SO OUT OF SHAPE. Sigh...