Friday, April 16, 2010

Family Ties!

Don't you just love that picture? Two happy cousins playing together. The Son and The Niece had a great time on The Niece's new swing set last weekend.

Happy Friday everyone! I'm finishing up a week of being a single-mom. (sort of) The Husband has been in Palm Beach, FL at the Ritz Carlton for a work event. Before you get too jealous, notice the words, "work event." He barely got to enjoy any of the Florida sunshine and was in meetings most of the time. I feel bad for him because to me, that's almost like torture. Take a bunch of employees to a beautiful hotel in a beautiful area let them see the pool but not got to the pool and then schedule meeting after meeting after meeting with no down time until it's finally time to go home and they still never had any time to relax. Torture. Anyway, I'm happy that he'll be coming home this evening and The Son of course, is happy too. We missed him.

I am taking some time today to post a few more pictures of last weekend.

More swing set... leave it to the boy to have to stand on the swing instead of doing it the "right" way.

Time to slide...

Inside the house, The Son entertained The Baby Niece.

...while The Niece practiced for her future career in modeling. Yes, that is totally posed, the girl knows how to work it.

And... we were finally able to get some shots of The Pop-pop with his grandchildren. So cute!

Have a great weekend everyone, we have a busy one ahead of us! Should be fun!


J~Mom said...

Cute pictures!

Chrissy Cuz said...

I love the pictures. So Cute!! ♥

Cathy said...

Those are adorable!

LOL at the look on the nieces face when the son is STANDING on the swing!! Gasp!!!!