Wednesday, April 7, 2010


... Birthday to my Daddy today! It's unfortunate that we didn't take many pictures on Easter because I really would have loved to post a picture of him with his grandchildren but alas, we were slackers and I don't have any. I think we're all getting together on Sunday to celebrate so I will bring my camera and we WILL, I repeat WILL, take pictures.

Happy Birthday Daddy/Pop-Pop! We love you very much!

Speaking of cameras... I got an early Mother's Day present yesterday, a new camera! It's really nice but now I am in the process of learning how to use it and that kind of well... sucks. I hate that electronic equipment no longer comes with a manual, everything is computerized, in this case, it was stored in the camera and we had to upload it to the computer. That's nice in theory but it makes it difficult for those dorks of us who actually like to read the manual and take it with us as we learn how to use our electronic equipment. Yes, I can print the manual and probably will but carrying around a bunch of 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper while trying to learn a camera is kind of irritating.

Anyway, I am also having some challenges learning how to use the software that stores the photos but I suppose it will all come to me in time. At the moment, I cannot seem to locate the photos in the program to upload them to my blog, I had to do a lot of stuff to find them on the computer but I'm hoping The Husband will know what to do later this evening. Anyway, I managed to find them in a roundabout way. Here's a couple pictures I took so far, mind you, I haven't actually gone anywhere great to take pictures to try to learn the camera so there aren't too many.

The Son at Daddy's office... we drove in to see him and to pick up the camera.

Ziggy, looking regal and handsome... as usual.

Two "brothers"

A rare appearance of DaVinci on The Blog. Doesn't he look handsome on that couch?

I got my nails done yesterday and the new camera takes really nice close-ups so I thought I'd show you, I know, not too exciting. ;)

So, there you have it for now, I anticipate a big learning curve ahead of me...

Today is a busy day, volunteering in The Son's classroom, working out, teaching swim lessons tonight... same old Wednesday. Have a great day everyone and again, a special, "Happy Birthday" to my Daddy! Stay healthy everyone!

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Chrissy Cuz said...

Nice pictures Caren Cuz!! We will have to take pictures at the Broad St Run. I am still excited for that. Enjoy your day on Sunday. Can't wait to see pictures. :o)