Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Cupcakes...

Well, actually, chocolate cupcakes that are decorated like turkeys. The other would be gross now wouldn't it?

The MIL is visiting and we are volunteering in The Son's class today to help with their Thanksgiving Feast. I made cupcakes yesterday afternoon to take in since I signed up to bring the dessert. They came out super cute. I looked on line for various "turkey cupcake" ideas and devised this one after looking through several others. Many of them used Nutter Butter cookies for the turkey head but I found that odd since most schools (The Son's included) don't allow nut products in the classroom. I decided to use "Circus Peanut" candies for the turkey heads which ironically enough, contain NO actual peanuts. In the long run I think they looked cuter too.

I used chocolate and multi-colored Twizzlers for the feathers... just cut them into fourths and stuck them in the cupcake, six per turkey, although five might have worked a little better. I used white frosting to "glue" on the mini chocolate chip eyes, the candy corn beak and the red fruit roll "gobbler" thingy. Stuck the head in the cake and voila' we have a turkey. I hope the kids like them. I think they will, I know I sure do.


morewineplease said...

I am very impressed they look so cute!

Life with Kaishon said...

These are SO cute! I can't stand it : ). I work in Philadelphia. Was your hip, small neighborhood there? I always thought it would be fun to live there too....until we started looking at the prices. Then we decided the suburbs would be just fine! I live in Souderton, Pa. Do you know where that is? I saw your comment on Darlene's blog and I came over to see who you were since I always loved people that spelled Caren like you do instead of the K way : ).