Saturday, November 1, 2008

No race for me.

I sprained my ankle. Really badly. There's a small chance that it might be broken but the doctors at the clinic today wanted the radiologist to review the x-rays, they felt that there was an "anomaly" on the x-ray and weren't sure if it was a previous injury or the current one.

Last night after trick-or-treating, we went to a bonfire in our neighborhood. The Husband and The Son left around 10:15 to come home and I stayed for a little while longer with a friend of ours. We decided to leave a little before 11 and come back to my house for a drink with The Husband. I was walking on the street and I must have hit a large stone with the back of my Dansko clog. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground and in lots of pain. My friend came over to me and eventually was able to help me up and home. I quickly realized that this was not like my usual minor twists of an ankle. The ankle was very swollen and very sore. I put some ice on it at The Husband's suggestion, we bagged the idea of a drink, our friend went home and we went to bed.

Now, before you go thinking this was a drunken Halloween night injury, let me just tell you, it wasn't. Yes, I had had two drinks, one small glass of wine and one beer. I was completely sober but I'm just a very clumsy person. This is not the first time I've fallen. It's really the fault of the Dansko clogs. If anyone has those, you know they are deadly if you step on a rock with your heel. I still like them though and they're comfortable for me with my bad feet so I will keep wearing them. I'll just have to walk more carefully and slowly in the dark I suppose.

I am now outfitted with a lovely "boot" that keeps my foot still. I have to wear it for the next two days, take pain meds, keep icing and then evaluate how my ankle is feeling. If it's significantly better, I can go without but I might need it for up to a week. The clinic I went to today told me that if it's not feeling A LOT better in a week then I should see an orthopedist. I won't be teaching swimming for a week either. That kind of sucks since the session just began and I'm just getting to know my students but what can you do? Not much.

It was very interesting to see my x-rays. I mentioned my bad feet, well I have a GIANT heel spur that I knew was there but that doesn't actually hurt me anymore. I guess it's developed scar tissue around that area. It's unreal to think that I have a pointy half inch spur-like thing in my foot and I can't even feel it anymore. Amazing. It used to hurt like crazy but it's fine now, I guess I thought it just went away but today I saw that it's still there. The human body is so weird, isn't it.

So after all that, I am not doing the race, my sister still is and she's disappointed that I'm not in it which of course I am too. I will be going to support the rest of the team so that will be nice. I'll give you an update on all of that at a later date.



Darlene said...

OH NO!!!! I do hope it is not broken and can heal up quickly! That is really too bad that it happened last night. That is good that your heel spur doesn't bother you anymore...I have heard they are VERY painful.

Nikki said...

Yikes Caren!! I'm really glad it was not worse, I mean there could have been alot of damage in your knee or hip.

I'm glad to hear you are going to the walk to support your "team".

Go Cathy!!

Michelle said...

Actually, you can recover from a broken bone faster than a bad sprain. That's because with a bad sprain there is a lot of connective tissue damage and that takes time to heal. A bone can regenerate faster. (See all the cool things I learned in physio?)

Anyway, sorry that happened. I'd be getting rid of those clogs, if I was you. ;-)

Buffy said...

Now Caren, I knew you were jealous of my sexy boot, but you could have just borrowed it! LOL I'm so sorry this happened to you....and make sure they are thorough. They told me mine was a bad sprain, then 5 yrs later (now) tell me it WAS broken and that's why I had surgery. Thinking of you, and hope it's better quick!