Wednesday, July 15, 2009

We travel back in time with Pocahontas (at Disney)...

I only say travel back in time since we went in April and it's now July. I realized recently however that I barely posted any of our Disney pictures so I'm going to try to do a Disney post every week or so in order to get them posted. (This is also known as, "I don't know what to blog about today OR I don't want to give a post much thought.)

The Son, needless to say, is not that into the princesses, sure, he thinks they're pretty but loves to tell me, "They're not as beautiful as you are Momma." I fall for it every time. That is, until he met Pocahontas at Animal Kingdom. Animal Kingdom is probably The Son's favorite park and next time I visit Disney, I'll have to allow two days because we were somewhat rushed. We didn't make it over to "Rafiki's Conservation Station" until later in the day. You have to take a train over to a conservation area where they have smaller animals, a petting zoo (which was closed by the time we got there) and most importantly, they have... Pocahontas! Because it was late in the day, it was empty and The Son was able to have a lengthy discussion with her as well as some great photo opportunities. He tried to impress her by telling her that he could do "complex math" and she told him they didn't do math in her village. Huh? So, she wasn't the brightest Native American in the tribe but she was still very sweet. I think The Husband was a tad bit jealous that he didn't get a few special moments with Pocahontas too.

We also got to have a few moments with Rafiki and Jiminy Cricket but they were mere blips on The Son's Character Radar once his Native American Princess came along... notice it's all about the "thumb's up" with him again.

So heading over to Conservation Station worked out really well, he also got a private tour of the smaller amphibians and reptiles from one of the naturalists there. She was very impressed with The Son's knowledge of animals and told us that many adults don't know facts that he knew. I wasn't surprised but I was proud. That's my boy... even if he probably does prefer Pocahontas to Momma now.

Have a great Wednesday! We're off to the Y for work outs, pool time and swim lessons... no big surprises there, huh?


Cathy said...

cute!! I love the close-up of him hugging Pocahontas! She sure is pretty!! ;)

morewineplease said...

Oh my word.. she is hot! I wish we would have made it to AK... next time, next time for sure!
What a smarty pants you have there!

Darlene said...

Awwwww those are just TOO cute! Somehow I had missed this post so catching up today!

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