Monday, September 28, 2009

A Heartfelt Apology to my beautiful, sweet, smart, goregous...

funny, loyal and wonderful cousin, Chrissy 'Cuz! I somehow keep forgetting to include my cousin Chrissy in my posts that mention those who read and comment regularly and Chrissy always does. Chrissy, please forgive me for forgetting to mention you, you're a loyal reader and follower and I love you for it and will never forget again. Well, at least I vow to try not to forget to mention you.

My cousin Chrissy has been my friend longer than anyone I know. She's a few months older than I am (ha ha!) and we basically grew up together even though we live three states away from each other. Every summer she and her sister would come to visit our Grammy and those would be the best weeks of my summer EVER! We went shopping, did all kinds of day trips to the zoo etc. and would always have one extra special day when we would all go to Great Adventure. I loved those trips to Great Adventure.

I have the following memories of Chrissy which will probably mean nothing to anybody else but I know will make her Laugh her ASS off and possibly will garner a chuckle or two from The Sister. Everyone else, sorry, come back tomorrow to see Pennsylvania's Cutest. Post office. EVER!

1. Wet paint (what were we thinking?)
2. The Mint
3. Matching outfits and being "twins"
4. Glow necklaces and one year... earrings!
5. Fashion shows and kick line shoes
6. Monks (Hi Cathy!)
7. Jersey Boys and log flumes
8. Camping trips in the back yard with boys we liked who are now gay! ha ha!
9. "This chalk doesn't have any ink left in it"
10. Hose, hose, pantyhose...
11. Snodberries and Pronghorns

and the best memory of all...
12. COMMERCIAL SHOWS! They were the most fun of all!

I bet there's more because we sure had lots of fun and we still do! I can't wait to see you for the race, just a little more than a month away. I love you and hope you accept my apology!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Darlene said...

It sounds like you have some GREAT memories with her!!!

Beth Dunn said...

I love my cousins too. Love your new house! xoxo

Chrissy Cuz said...

LMAO!! I love it. We did have great times & yes with some of them I don't know what we were thinking or where we came up with the ideas. Ha Ha!! Also remember painting nail designs for our big GA trip & having the portable fans that everyone wanted. Plus going to see the Stray Cats. We sure thought we were cool. When you shoot the man in the barrel does his legs go like this. LOL!! Thanks Caren Cuz for the special post. I can't wait for Nov. either. I will be in Lancaster (Lank-a-stir, hehe.)the weekend of Oct 10th. with my friend Heather & her mom. Maybe you can meet us for dinner. :o)

Cathy said...

LOL!! Love it! Sure put a smile on my face this morning.

Don't forget fashion shows in Grammy and Pop-pop's basement with all of Grammy's old clothes and jewelry!!! I think Grammy just about had a heart attack with all the mess we would make!!
Memories with our Cousins Chrissy and Jen are certainly some of my best childhood memories too. I can remember waiting by the door SO excited for them to get here for their summer visit!

Good times!

Anonymous said...

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