Friday, September 4, 2009

Over Night Steel Cut Oats

Also known as... How to Make: a hot., delicious, healthy breakfast in only eight hours!

I'm a day late with my:

Healthy Living with

post... sorry! My weight loss group's meeting is on hiatus right now for a week or so but I weighed myself at the Y and I've lost another two pounds which puts me at 65 pounds gone! Yippee!

I decided to post this week about my newest breakfast discovery. I must say that I LOVE this discovery. I've always been a fan of oatmeal and have been wanting to try Steel cut oats because I've heard how tasty they are. I discovered this technique for cooking Steel Cut Oats in a recent Weight Watchers magazine, I've modified it a bit to suit my tastes and I'll give you my recipe here. I have to say that oatmeal doesn't exactly photograph well...

This is the brand of Steel Cut Oats that I buy. They seem to be the most affordable in the store. Steel cut oats are not that different nutritionally from any other oats but they are less processed and they have a really nice thick texture, and in my opinion a richer flavor. You can see the nutritional information below or just go ahead and "google" steel cut oats, there's tons of info on them on the 'net.

These oats are going to cook over night at a low temperature so that in the morning when you wake up, you have hot, fresh, yummy oatmeal for breakfast. I made two batches because The Husband was also a big fan and we went through our first batch rather quickly. I did two different fruits with mine this time, I prefer the apples, The Husband liked blueberries, frankly, you could probably combine them or just do any other kind of fruit that you enjoy.

For the apple batch, you need two small apples, I used Gala apples but I'm sure you can use any kind you like. Peel, core and slice, but don't be too particular about how it looks, I use my slicer from The Pampered Chef because it's easiest.

For the blueberries, I used about a cup, this is definitely not a recipe that requires exact measurements for the fruit.

Use a three quart baking dish and put in the apples, cover with cinnamon. I used about a teaspoon but I probably could have used more because I like them very cinnamony. I did not use cinnamon on the blueberries but you certainly could.

Next, add one cup of steel cut oats and four cups of water. Also, add a half a teaspoon of salt. Keep in mind that the measurement for the oats and water, is important. Mix it all together, it looks like a lot of water but trust me, it will be fine.

Cover with foil and place in the oven at 225 degrees for eight hours. Yes, I said eight. Hours. The first night that I made these, I woke up three times because it smelled SO DARN GOOD! I couldn't wait until I woke up to eat it.

See, not exactly pretty...

But delicious all the same!

A serving is approximately one cup, which for the oatmeal equals 140 calories. I just estimate the calories of the fruit but count about a half of an apple since each batch makes four servings. I add a little Splenda, The Husband added a bit of milk to his, that's not my thing. I store the batches in the fridge and measure out a cup each morning. It's very filling and very healthy. I must admit, I meant to add some raisins to the apple batch but forgot soI just add them on top before I reheat it each morning... YUMMY!

Give it a try and let me know if you like it. Trust me, it's really, really good. Did I mention it's good?

One final note about my previous post, I think it's really funny that a bloggy friend of mine commented that Ziggy looks scary in his first picture because in that shot, he's anything but. He woke up and was stretching and his jowly lip was stuck up really funny. I got a shot of it, never thinking it might actually look like he was growling. He's really a sweet, mild mannered dog. (I wouldn't want poor Ziggy to get a tainted reputation you know. ) ;)

Have a great Friday everyone and a great Labor Day weekend!

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Running Jen said...

That's awesome Caren. I am not a fan of oatmeal, but I may try that, as it looks good in your pictures!

I like Bob's Red Mill stuff - I use their soup mix when I make black bean/veggie soup, love it! We also buy some of their other things too, they have some good stuff.