Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Please step away from the banana!

"She means MY banana!"

The other day when I was unpacking The Son's snack bag, I noticed a certain German Shorthair Pointer, lurking around the counter. He stood up, swiped something from off of the counter and ran away, to hide under the family room side table that is decidedly too low to the ground for him to hide under. He doesn't quite realize that however...

Ziggy decided that he really needed the over-ripe banana that The Son didn't eat (of course.) I risked my life to take these pictures for you because there was much growling going on as I was told very clearly that the banana now belonged to Ziggy and not to the humans in the household.

"Don't make me growl louder"

Truth be told, all he does is growl and then we remove the banana and all is fine...except this time, I forgot about the banana until The Husband came home and found the banana squished on the floor under the table. Oops.

Things seem to be going well with kindergarten so far. The Son is enjoying it a lot and I'm enjoying my work out time at the Y, it's nice to not have to worry about where The Son will go and how long I'm allowed to keep him there and best of all, I just realized yesterday that we are no longer paying $150 a month for preschool! Hooray for public schools! The Son has off on Friday and Monday, we're looking forward to a nice long weekend and will celebrate at the pool for the last time until next summer.

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone! Stay healthy!


Darlene said...

Ooooo Ziggy looks a little ferocious in that first picture. That is too funny that he swiped the banana!

Lexi is off on Friday and Monday also. I always think it is crazy when they just started back and already are out for two days! I know Monday is a holiday but Friday is an in-service teacher day (I think that translates to we need a break from the kids!!!).

Emmett losing weight said...

I would love a city house and a country house. Love the pics!

Emmett said...

Are you on facebook?

Nikki said...

awh...Ziggy just needed some iron? LOL!
I'm glad Alden is loving Kindergarten! A nice transition makes a happier mommy :D

Ethan's first day is a In service he doesn't start until the 9th!

BTW, how is the city house? Did you sell it , renovate it..what is the scoop?