Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fun at the Gardens!

Longwood Gardens that is. 

I could show you pictures of our "last" day at the pool yesterday but I realize I've shown lots of pool and beach pictures this summer and really...let's face it...they all start to look kind of alike at some point. As much as I like to look at pictures of The Son splashing in his swimsuit or rocking his shark goggles, I'm not so sure all of you find as much pleasure in it, at least not over and over and over again. 

So I decided to save those pictures for later in the week when I'll surely need to have something to blog about and instead, post a few pictures from our Saturday evening trip to Longwood Gardens. 

If you're not familiar with Longwood Gardens (and most of you probably aren't) it was originally land owned by the duPont family (yes, the chemical company duPonts) It has a really rich history and it's just a gorgeous place to go. Check out the history on their website if you're really interested, I found it quite intriguing myself but then again, I am a history geek. Today they have over 1000 acres of "gardens, woodlands and meadows" to enjoy when you visit. I am really looking forward to visiting at Christmas time. I hear it's especially beautiful then. 

We had a really nice time in spite of the brutal humidity that night. You'll notice there are no pictures of me. It was far too hot for that. 

We started out at an area where they were releasing lady bugs. The Son had a ball with this and he was very popular with the ladies (bugs that is) that day. They were all over him. At one point he had them up in his shirt. It was quite funny. We also got to see a praying mantis and a working bee hive. The Son was in his glory as he really loves bugs! 

My handsome little bug.

He found this log and instantly told us it was an "ancient African log" he cradled it in his arms and sat on this chair ready to pose for a picture... my kid is programmed I tell ya! All I could think of was "Twin Peaks" and the log lady...remember that? 

This age just cracks me up! "Look how HIGH I am Momma!" So cute that he's hardly even a foot of the ground but still oh so proud of himself. 

Here's the main conservatory at Longwood Gardens. It's really beautiful but on a humid day, it's also REALLY muggy. We didn't stay in here for too long on this trip. 

The fountains of Longwood. They have musical fountain displays daily and fireworks for special times of the year. Even without the special events though, it's really cool to watch.

I love this picture! Because The Son is such a poser, (for pictures that is) It's difficult to get him to NOT look at the camera. Here he is playing in an area in the Children's Garden and he just looks so genuinely happy. He's such a sweet boy. 

More fun and he's not looking at the camera!

This was a little area in Longwood's "Idea Garden" (my favorite place) The Idea Garden is the area where they show you ways to incorporate things into your actual garden at home, they have lots of beautiful fruits, veggies and herbs. (next year) The Son liked the compost box that was full of worms and slugs and we could barely drag him away from it. Leave it to him. 

Anyone know what this is? Usually everything is really well labeled but we couldn't find out what this was. I don't think it's edible but who knows. I'll "google" it later. It sure was pretty though, don't you think?

My sweet guys...

Time to go...

We stopped by a local Italian place for dinner and The Son had it in his head that he HAD to share a noodle with Daddy and then as he said, "kiss at the end". I think the kid's watched too much "Lady and the Tramp". LOL! 

Oh! In case you were wondering...these are shark goggles. 


Cathy said...

FUN!! I really want to go before it gets too cold. Maybe one of these weekends. Time just goes too darn fast!!

M.L. said...

Thanks for visiting my 'french bedroom' post and your kind comment. You have one little cutie-patoo-tie there...loved that mom let him wear mis-matched clogs!!! And the spaghetti photo with dad...priceless! : )

Mary Lou @ the house of whimsy

Erin Leigh said...

It looks like a beautiful place. Ian would flip out with the lady bugs.

LOVING the spagetti picture.