Friday, September 5, 2008

The first day of Pre-K!

The Son had his first day of Pre-K on Wednesday. He's been to pre-school before, for the past two years in fact. He loves pre-school and it's been very good for him. He needs that socialization especially considering that he's an only child. (Who knows if he'll always be? ;) ) Pennsylvania does not have a state Pre-K so he attends three half days at...where else...our local Y. If you read this blog regularly, you know, we do just about everything at the Y. We heart the Y! 

Here's the obligatory first day of school pose on the front step. I just noticed that if you look closely at the second photo, you can see my reflection in the side windows. 

Driving to school, the "thumbs-up" was to signify that he would in fact be a good boy at school today...we can only hope. 

Walking up and going in. It's funny how we do this numerous times a week but on this day, even The Son felt like it was special. He's growing up so fast, it's hard to believe. I know all you parents out there can relate. 

He found his name and placed it on the attendance poster.

Got the nametag on! 

He ended up having a great day and is excited to go back today. When I picked him up, he was so proud to show me what he did...this is a picture of a Giganotasaurus. NOT a T-Rex as I was so quickly chastised for assuming.

A few things I really like about this drawing are that: 

#1 -  it is probably the second drawing he's ever done that actually kind of looks like what he says it is and isn't a bunch of scribbles. The first drawing is here and yes, for the one person who guessed, it is Wall-E, his third favorite obsession just short of his shark obsession and dinosaur obsession. 

#2 - the drawing has a story to go with it. Evidently, the Giganotasaurus, is standing on stilts to avoid the lava that's coming to get him. The reddish color on the side is the lava and the reddish color near his mouth is blood because he's a carnivore you know. 

#3- Last, but by no means least. Miss Sue, The Son's teacher told me that he did this during a "coloring center" they were supposed to color a picture but MY son decided to turn the picture over and make his own picture instead. That's my free-thinking, mismatched shoe wearing guy for ya! Thankfully, Miss Sue wasn't upset that he did that, I would have been really angry if she had since the coloring wasn't for a specific project or anything. 

So all in all, it was a great day for him, he had fun, he was well-behaved (although I'm sure sooner or later we'll have a day or two when he isn't) and he was happy to see me when I picked him up. Let's hope today goes as well. The Husband is picking him up and I "get" to spend my alone time cleaning the house in joyful anticipation of a visit from The MIL! Lucky me. 

(Just to be clear, the visit from the MIL IS actually joyfully anticipated...the cleaning...not so much and I'm not just saying that because she reads this blog on occasion...really, I'm not.) 


Cathy said...

Really cute! I love those back to school pictures. Wow on that drawing! Very good work! He is so clever and creative.

I really hope we can see all of you this weekend. We really miss you. I was out at story hour this morning when you called. I don't know what happened with you viewing my Beach post. I didn't even post it yet and it doesn't show up on mine?? who knows??

Talk to you later!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

What a cute kid! I really liked his green crocs!

I checked out your deviled egg tutorial yesterday...that's how I found you!

Mama's Losin' It said...

What a cutie! And I love his drawing...God kids are adorable with their imaginations.

ps don't feel bad, I totally understand how you could think that was a t-rex.

Erin Leigh said...

Awwww he looks adorable!! That is a great pic.

Darlene said...

He is just too cute...and his drawing is GREAT!! I love your explanation of it and I can see all of that.....also, love those green crocs!!

bloggin' Chrystal said...

I'm lovin' the preK story! I also have a 4 year old that started this year. Our photos are very similar. Great capturing that first day story in those photos...