Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Amish are coming, the Amish are coming...

We live less than an hour from "Amish Country" and we have lots of Amish folks living in nearby towns. We have Amish at our farmer's markets and Amish Corn in the summer. (Amish corn isn't really any different from regular corn, it's just fresher than you would buy at the grocery store, and therefore, seems to be tastier.) Some of you may remember my "Dear Amish Man" posts from last summer. I don't know how to tell him this year that I won't be able to eat as much corn as I did last year because of my new Healthy Living lifestyle.

Anyway, I digress... last Sunday I learned that the Amish go out on dates, or "go visiting" and then ride up and down main roads in their buggies pulled by horses. I witnessed this up close and personal recently as I was driving home from some outlet shopping. I have never seen so many Amish at one time. Honestly, I passed about 50 or so buggies. Most of them were teens out together for some evening fun. They looked as awkward as any average teens you would see out on dates but riding along in a buggy instead of a car. Some were in groups and some were just on boy/girl dates. I saw a few older married couples out enjoying a lovely evening as well. It was a little irritating at first since I had difficulty passing some of them safely with so many on the road but then I realized, I was actually pretty lucky to have
witnessed (get it, "Witness?" I crack myself up!) such a cool thing and I started to enjoy it.

I took a couple pictures of the beautiful countryside as well as a picture of something I found very amusing when I first moved here. I didn't take any pictures of the Amish people because I felt like that would be kind of rude as I was driving and taking pictures of them like they were some kind of tourist attraction...I didn't want to be like some crazy Amish paparazzi after all.

This is a parking spot at our grocery store. A big, normal, every day grocery store. I will admit that I have NEVER seen an Amish buggy parked at our grocery store but they could park here or in one of the three spaces reserved for them if they wanted to. Interesting, huh?

So, I continue to look forward to that first ear of delicious, nutritious, corn on the cob this summer, should just be a few more weeks. The corn stalks are as high as a baby elephant's eye... keep growing little corn, I love you!

Today was my last day of morning care at the elementary school. I am so happy and can hardly believe I made it through the entire school year. It was not a fun thing to get up that early each morning. I'm glad it's over... for now.

Have a great Wednesday everyone.


Darlene said...

WOOHOO you can finally start enjoying your summer vacation! I think it would be soooo neat to shop in the Amish areas. I have seen different things they make and they are always wonderful. I would have a hard time staying away from their quilts. That must have been a neat sight with all the Amish buggies (well, as long as you weren't in a hurry to get

Cathy said...

Congrats on being done!

YUM!! Some Amish corn (with lots of butter) sounds really good right now!!