Friday, June 5, 2009

A mini-tri report and Healthy Living!

Well, it's been almost a week since I participated in our YMCA's mini-triathlon. It was a good time and I'm really glad that I did it. It wasn't a traditional triathlon where you competed against other participants but really a challenge that you simply complete the tasks and I guess in a way, compete against yourself for your own goals. We were asked to: swim (in the pool) for 20 minutes, Complete a 40 minute spin class, (Some participants rode bikes outside for 40 minutes) and run a 5K at the park across from the Y.

I knew that I could do it and my main focus was to run the entire 5K... no walking. Because I usually run on the treadmill, it's definitely a challenge for me to run outside, I really need to work on that.

I was in the third wave of participants. I had a swim lane to myself because my neighbor who was supposed to "race" with me was unable to get off from work. (She's a nurse who we've come to realize took care of my mother in the hospital before she died, we never met each other since she works third shift but I find it very interesting that we moved across the street from each other just a few months after my mom's death... anyway...) I knew that I had to take it easy during the swim so as not to burn myself out. I am not a swimmer, I am a swim INSTRUCTOR and I can swim well, but I don't have the stamina to swim lap after lap after lap. I did a little freestyle and just about every other stroke there is, just to keep swimming the full 20 minutes.

They blew the whistle to signal the end of the swim portion. I hopped out and ran to the locker room. Some people kept their wet swimsuit on under their biking/running clothes but... yuck! I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on doing my best if I was uncomfortable Can you say "high maintenance?, I had to put on dry clothes. I had purchased a super absorbent swim towel (kind of like a "Sham-Wow) and that was very helpful to getting me changed in approximately 2 minutes.

I ran up to the spin studio and hopped on a bike. I have tried spinning before and I have to say, I just don't think it's my thing. My butt bones hurt SO bad. They tell me this gets less and less as you continue to spin but I certainly haven't experienced that yet. I'll keep going once in a while as I like to switch things up in my exercise routine now and again. The instructor and the other volunteers in the spin studio were SO helpful in getting our bikes adjusted and even though I'm sure they knew I wasn't really a "spinner" they didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all. It was great!

When they gave us the signal to get off our bikes, my legs were really feeling wiggly. I decided that I would walk over to the park instead of running, just to regroup. My ultimate goal was to run the full 5K at the park. I made it over and started running. It's a nice path to run on. A little bit of hills, but nothing major at all. Each loop is .5 miles so I knew I had to do six laps around. I managed to run the entire thing. I did stop very briefly each loop around to get a sip or two of water but that's only because I'm clumsy and I can't run and drink at the same time. As I ran, people who had finished in waves one and two were clapping and cheering us on. It was a very supportive atmosphere. I was feeling the love and all the supporters certainly helped me keep running even though I really wanted to walk.

The Son and The Husband showed up at the park when I was heading into my fourth loop around so they were able to get some pictures. When I finished, I decided to walk one more lap around for a cool down and after that, I headed into the center of the park very pleased with what I had accomplished. It was a great day! I went home and took a three-hour nap and we celebrated that evening with dinner out and a family movie. Good times had by all!

So not cute but here you go...

So now onto my...
Healthy Living with

report for the week...

I didn't lose any weight this week! WHAT? I just about died when I got on the scale... this is the first time since January that I haven't lost a little something. It's OK though because I didn't gain either and I know that I didn't really do anything wrong, and it's gotten me back in to really focusing on the things I am putting in my body. I will admit that although I am pretty strict, I have been getting a little lackadaisical with the measuring and weighing. I also haven't been tracking my foods, so those little tastes of treats here and there might be getting out of control. I've recommitted to writing it all down! Also, I think that there might be days when I'm not eating enough. I know that I need to stay consistently within my target calorie range. I know that I'll have a much better week next week and I'll show bigger numbers on the scale. It's all good!

Today is The Son's last day of school. I will be heading to the gym for my weights, my run and some extra cardio today. Our schedule is going to be changing and the next few weeks might be a little tricky as to when I can fit in my work outs. They'll be fit in for sure but I have to get my new summer schedule going.

Have a great Friday everyone. Enjoy your weekend!


Nina said...

really impressive Caren. you are motivating me to write everything the past i've always felt this made me hungrier but i've gotta change and writing it down will keep me from taking bites of food i'm giving to A...yes a bite or two of chips is just a bite or two but added up its all too much

Sam said...

That's awesome! I know you are proud to have ran the whole 5K. I admire your focus!! I can't seem to get into an exercise schedule that will stick. I think it's me not really having the will to follow through. I also have a hard time watching what I eat. I may take a play from your book and start writing everything down. I hope you enjoy your summer!

Dad said...

Another great accomplishment! I am very proud of you.I must say the photos added a lot to the blog, they made my heart "swell" and brought a tear to my eye. Love you..

Cathy said...

Awesome! Love the photos too! You are doing so great and like you said, I am sure you will have BIG numbers next week!
(I am so jealous of all of your workouts....just about 3 weeks of recovery left for me and I am getting back in the swing of it!)

J. Paige said...

Thanks for stopping by scatter sunshine. I'm glad I was able to find your blog. I wish we lived close so that we could be walking buddies!

Bethany said...

Your blog title totally got my attention, but I love your blog too! The mini-tri is pretty cool, I watched my first Tri this weekend, any body who can do this is very impressive in my book! Best of luck in your workouts. For me every day is a struggle... So I love hearing success stories!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

I'm literally LOLing at the visual of you Sham-Wowing yourself off between events. HA! ;-)

I can't believe how great you're doing with this running thing. I am so out of shape right now and need to embrace the exercise thing again stat.