Monday, August 18, 2008

It's Monday! A bunch of pictures that don't go together...

Where is this summer going? I cannot believe how fast it's gone, I am one of those people who really doesn't want the summer to end. I love the sun, I love the heat (when there's AC available inside) and I love the pool. I am off from work for the next two weeks which is really nice. The Son and I are just planning on hanging out, running errands, working around the house and heading to the pool as much as we can since we only have a few more pool weeks left. 
I uploaded my pictures from our mini-mini-vacation and I plan on doing a nice post or two with them but in the meantime, I just have a variety of pictures to show you until I can spend the time doing a proper post about our weekend away. 

First of all, this is a picture The Son drew, it's one of the first things he's drawn that actually kind of looks like what it's supposed to be, well at least to me it does. Any guesses? 

I knew what it was right away and thought it was really cute. As smart as The Son is, he doesn't have great fine motor skills and his writing isn't the best. He's also a kid who doesn't like to do stuff if it requires patience and work, but he was really proud of this drawing. My sister might be able to figure it out too since she knows what he's into at the moment. 

My Dad asked me recently how my sunflowers are doing. We had a hail storm a few weeks ago and unfortunately, a few of my sunflowers broke off. I was really sad but the ones that survived are doing pretty well...see for yourself. 

The funniest part of it is, I just randomly stuck a couple sunflower seeds in the ground, wondering if they would even grow. Ummmm...they did. I probably wouldn't have placed them where I did had I know I would be so successful. This CityMomma doesn't have a huge amount of gardening experience aside from the occasional flower box and small back yard patch. Next year, I plan on clearing out a large area on the side of my house and planting a big variety from giant mammoth sunflowers right up against the house all the way down to smaller "dwarf" sunflowers. I think it will be really cool. This year, I'm hoping to just dry the blooms and put them out for the birds to eat after I pick out a few for planting myself next year. 

Lastly, I have to show you these shots I took at the beach. 

The beach was VERY crowded this day and this lady was kind of nasty. She kept glaring at the kids playing around her and then would sit up, smoke her cigarette (which I REALLY hate at the beach) put it out in the sand and then lay back down on her pillow...yes, a pillow. At the beach. I don't know why it struck me as so funny. I knew I had to take a picture, I would never have forgiven myself if I hadn't. Honestly, bringing a pillow to the beach is probably not the worst idea someone ever had but all in all, the whole situation was just so comical, the crowds, the glaring, the smoking, the littering butts in the sand and the pillow. Just funny in my weird sense of humor kind of way. 

Have a good Monday everyone. Enjoy these remaining days of summer. 


Running Jen said...

The first thought I had when looking at the picture he drew was "Wall-E". Am I right?

Glad you're having a good summer. I think I'd enjoy summer much more if I lived up north, living in FL, it just lasts too long for me. I'd appreciate it more if I only had it for 3 months.

morewineplease said...

LOL!! You taking a pic of her is the funniest thing!!

Erin Leigh said...

My guess was Sponge Bob but I haven't seen Wall-E so I can't compare to that.

My dad has a pillow for the beach. I think you would agree it is more beach appropriate though. I will take a pic next time he uses it.

Enjoy you weeks off. I am with you. I don't want summer to end!!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That is so awesome you took a picture of her and her pillow! Do you think she matches her bathing suit to the pillow color on purpose? (I do. ;-)