Monday, November 23, 2009

A letter from Ziggy to Lily -- Re: Thanksgiving

I am taking a break from blogging today to allow our dog Ziggy to type out a quick note to The Niece, aka Lily who will be coming here for Thanksgiving this year. Lily is less than fond of dogs and Ziggy is a really sweet dog so we're hoping to help her get over this unnecessary fear. Ziggy doesn't want to spend his Thanksgiving in the basement, we really just want everyone to be happy. Rest assured that if Ziggy DID do something naughty or couldn't calm down, he'd be in the basement faster than you could say, "Please pass the turkey," but he is usually a very good dog and LOVES children. My sister will be sharing this post and pictures with Lily before she visits, we're hoping it helps a bit. So, without further adieu... here's Ziggy!

My dear Cousin Lily:
How are you today? I hear you just had a birthday... happy birthday! I wanted to come to your party but Mommy said, "no" because I tend to have "issues" in the car and it's kind of a long drive. I know you're four now, that means you're almost three years older than me! Wow! I knew I looked up to you for a reason! What a big girl you are!

Hey Lily, do you know that when you and your family come to my house, I get really excited? I love to have visitors and so I run around a little bit and want to sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff. As soon as I say hello to everyone and get all my sniffing in, I'm fine to just hang out and leave you guys alone. Just ask your cousin, he loves to hang out with me. I'm really excited to meet your little sister, I hear she's really cute and babies always have extra good (and bad) things to sniff. Did you know that doggies especially like what humans think are the "bad" smells. I know. We're kind of gross sometimes.

Sometimes I bark and I sound a little scary. I don't mean to, it's just that I'm a big guy so my voice is deep, kind of like your Daddy. When I bark it's because I love my people and I think that I'm a watch dog. I want to bark to warn anyone outside that I'm guarding the house and taking care of my family, I guess you could say, I think it's my job to keep any bad guys away and barking is how I do that.

Last but not least, when you start to cry about me being here, I feel bad Lily. I really like kids and when they cry, I get worried and have to investigate, it's just in my breed, we German Shorthair Pointers are what they like to call "family" dogs and we don't like it when kids are upset because we really want kids to be happy so if you don't want me coming around you, it's probably a good idea to try not to cry and make squeaky sounds when I'm around, it just makes me all the more curious and concerned. I would never hurt a kid. NEVER! I love kids.

Do you think you can handle all that Lil'? I do, Mommy tells me you're a really good girl and we're all so excited that you're coming to our house on Thursday. I can't wait to see you and get my sniff on! Remember that time you said I had "fancy legs?" That made me feel SO good because I like my fancy speckled legs and I know how you like fancy stuff (like Fancy Nancy) so I guess that means you like me! I'll be a good boy Lily. I promise!

See you soon! Woof!
Love, your Canine Cousin, Ziggy

edited to add... Be sure to check out the comments on this post as it's intended recipient has left her own comment. Thanks Lil!


Darlene said...

AWWWWW how can Lily NOT fall in love with Ziggy?!?! I hope she won't be scared of him and they end up becoming the best of friends.

Lexi used to be scared of "big" dogs but we went several times to my Uncle's lake house where 3 labs were neighbors. She ended up having the most fabulous time playing with those gentle giants! She still talks about the Labs!!

Cathy said...

I love it! I haven't showed it to her yet (she is amusing Julia right now so I can look on the computer!! LOL) I forgot about the "fancy legs". I love it! We will comment after Lily reads it!

Lily said...

Ziggy - I will try to not cry when I see you on Thanksgiving. I will try really hard. I want to have turkey and a fun Thanksgiving party. I will leave you alone if you leave me alone.

these are her words exactly:)

Chrissy Cuz said...

How cute. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!! ♥

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

That is hysterical! I'm glad to read he postscript to see that they got along just fine. I can't imagine anyone NOT loving Ziggy. That face!

And, p.s., I wish someone would tell *me* I had fancy legs...