Friday, November 13, 2009

Weight removed...

I am thrilled to say that I got rid of another 3.5 pounds this week. I guess buckling down and really working on it really worked. Notice I didn't say "lost" weight, lost implies that I want to find it again and we all know I don't! ;) So, my grand total is now 77.2 pounds! I only have 17 more to lose to reach a "healthy" BMI and 23 more to reach my goal of 100 pounds. I may reevaluate after I reach the 100 but that remains to be seen.

Last week, I had the "traveling journal" for our group. It's a book in which we journal our foods for the week and then pass it on to another person after the week is over. It's also thought to be magical and guarantee a weight loss. I lost 3.5 pounds the last time I had it so I have to agree.

Truly though, it just makes us be more honest and mindful of what we eat because you know someone else is going to be looking at it. It holds us accountable. So, this week, I am going to remain accountable by posting my food choices along with the calories on this blog. I know that's not exactly exciting (and in fact may be quite boring) but I do have one friend (Hi Melissa!) who is asking to see what I eat so she can get some choices and this way, I'll kill two birds with one stone. I may post other stuff in between as well. I also don't expect to have another huge loss next week like I did this past week, I think that's nearly impossible two weeks in a row at this stage of the game but I'll be happy with any kind of loss!

So, my food journal for today... (I'll add on as the day goes on)

Friday, November 13, 2009

1 cup Raisin Bran 180
.5 cup Fiber One 60
1 cup skim plus milk 110
1 Trader Joe's Pumpkin waffle 65
Breakfast total 415

1 package Hickory smoked tuna 200
3 Wasa crisp and light 60
Laughing cow cheese 35
1 c. Trader Joe's Butternut Squash organic low-sodium soup 70
banana 75
Trader Joe's European Style Mocha yogurt 130
Lunch total 570
Total 985

Exercise, 5 miles-treadmill, 610 calories

So, The Husband I were able to go out to dinner last night because The Son had his first sleepover at a friend's house. I don't really have any way to know exactly how many calories I ate, rest assured, it was a lot and probably easily equaled 1,115 that I had remaining. That being said, I also ran five miles yesterday and burned 610 calories so I should be just fine. Here's my list for dinner:

5 buffalo wings w/bleu cheese and celery
Roasted pork with red peppers and spinach topped with pomegranate seeds and served with broccoli rabe and roasted potatoes (DELICIOUS!)
A bunch of The Husband's fries
Half a molten chocolate cake and half a piece of Kentucky pie. (FANTASTIC)
Stoli Gimlet on the rocks
2 glasses of Malbec

Yes, it was a splurging night but because I don't get weighed until next Thursday and I will get right back on my healthy eating plan today, I will be fine and might even have another loss this week... I'll keep you posted!

Have a great day everyone!


A Southern Accent said...

I need you to come live with me and get me on the weight removal train...I'm so frustrated right now!!!! Congrats to you - that is so wonderful! I want to lose 50 lbs total and it just seems like such a hill to climb!

Jennifer H said...

Thanks, Caren! I was curious to see the kinds of foods you ate. Its nice to see that you don't have to starve yourself to be successful at weight removal! :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Chrissy Cuz said...

Wow another 3.5 pounds. You are doing awesome. I need to start writing down what I eat.