Sunday, October 12, 2008

Some funnies from The Son...

The child never ceases to keep me laughing, that's for sure. We had a few doozies this week that I must share with you:

The Son: Momma, you're beautiful. 
Me: Thank you Honey, you're so sweet. 
The Son: I think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole world. 
Me: Wow, you sure know how to make a Momma feel good. 
The Son: Yep, the prettiest Momma ever... even when you're naked! 
Me: WHAT? 
(I have no idea what he meant by it but it was hilarious.)

The Son: Momma, that's a cute top, have you worn that before?
Me: No, it's new.
The Son: When did you get it?
Me: I guess a couple weeks ago or so. 
The Son: Well, I like it, you look beautiful.
Me: Thank you Sweetie, you're so good to me. 
The Son: You know what you should be for Halloween Momma?
Me: No Honey, what?
The Son: A model because you are as beautiful as a model and I love you Momma.
Me: speechless but hugging a sweet boy. 
(He might be delusional but he sure can make a Mom feel good.)

And lastly, this exchange took place between The Husband and The Son last night while The Husband was trying to watch his beloved Red Sox. 
The Son: Daddy, I want to watch "Prehistoric Planet."
The Husband: Not right now Honey, Daddy is watching The Red Sox, come watch the Red Sox with me. 
The Son: But I NEED to watch "Prehistoric Planet" NOW! I want to be a paleontologist you know. 
The Husband: Well the Red Sox are in the play-offs so you'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch Prehistoric Planet. Mommy will read you a dinosaur book, that will help you be a paleontologist. 
The Son: NO! I need to feel like a paleontologist and reading won't make me feel like a paleontologist. 
The Husband: Well, I need to feel like a Red Sox fan! 
The Son: (frustrated) Daddy! You're so mean! 
The Husband: I know, I'm the Worst Daddy Ever. 
The Son: (crying)  No, you're not but you should let me watch "Prehistoric Planet." 

This went on for a little while longer with The Son getting more and more frustrated until we all finally decided it was time for bed. He got over it and woke up happily and of course, got to watch "Prehistoric Planet!" He is now officially feeling like a paleontologist! Thank Goodness! Oh, and the Red Sox lost. Sorry Husband. 


Buffy said...

You know I'm secretly cheering that the Sox lost....shhhh, don't tell hubby! LOL

The Son is too stinking cute. Isn't it funny what they come up with at this age? E's doing the same thing, I always think "I've GOT to blog that" and then can't remember! HAHAHA

Darlene said...

He is so funny!!! He sure does come up with a lot of hilarious things!! That is so sweet that he thinks his mommy is so beautiful though!

Marie said...

Oh how sweet!!! I was going through some of my sons school papers from 1st grade today (he's now in 7th!) and found some things he wrote to me that were so sweet! Print out this blog and keep it forever! :o)

OH! And if you want that Tetley tea box and the spitting sign for your blogger friend, they are yours (or hers, as the case may be)! I can send them to you or you can have her send me her address.

Cathy said...

(I actually had a chance to come check out your's been a pretty lousy weekend/day. Sorry I haven't commented in a while!)