Friday, October 3, 2008

They grow up so fast...

Puppies that is. The CityFamily/CountryFamily cannot believe how fast our Ziggy is growing. He goes by many nicknames now, Zig Zag, Zigs, Zigga, Ziganotasaurus.  (named after The Son's favorite dinosaur the Giganotasaurus) I call him a few choice names myself when The Son's not around and he's being especially "puppyish" (in not such a good way) but we'll leave those off the blog so as not to offend some more of my "delicate" readers. 

He's kind of difficult to photograph now because every time he hears the "beep" on the camera, he wants to get closer to investigate. He had The Son and I laughing our tushies off the other day when we were trying to take a picture of the two of them together. The best we managed to get was this:

Here's a few more for you though that came out a little bit better. You can see below that The Son is finally getting used to having a bigger dog in the family, he's only been used to small ones until Zigs came along. 


Yep, that is a "shock"collar you see around his neck. It seems to be the only thing he truly understands. He's had it for a couple weeks now and honestly doesn't even need to be "zapped" all that frequently. He knows when it's off though and he acts up especially during that time. Stinker. For those of you who read my "Mr. Spritzy" post. Mr. Spritzy worked for a while but had to retire as Ziggy got bigger. He's just a plain old spray bottle now. It was nice while it lasted but now "Mr. Shocky" is Momma's best friend. 

"What? You got a problem?!" 

So, it's official, I guess we're a "Big Dog Family" now. All in all, he's a great dog and I'm really happy we have him. Yes, it will be nice when he calms down a little more but I do see great potential in him and he's very sweet. 

In other news, Kimba's hosting a Halloween party on Monday so I'll add a few more details about my Halloween decorations at that time. I want to give a few more close ups and maybe add another thing or two. Hope to see you at the party! 


Always Smiling said...

He is cute! I love the ones of them together it really shows his growth.

We have a lapdog shock collar, it really helped teach Sophie were not to go when outside.

Darlene said...

Ziggy is BEAUTIFUL!!! He is getting very big now but I LOVE seeing these pictures of him! He has an adorable face and I know what you mean when a puppy is being a bit puppy-ish!!

Cute, CUTE!!!

morewineplease said...

they are both adorable!! love the pics!