Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bad day = no blogging

I had a crappy day, well at least as far as things with Ziggy go.

The puppy is making me insane! He got ahold of my Cynthia Rowley glasses this morning, and let's just say they aren't looking so Swell any more. Nor will they ever look swell. They're ruined. I had them next to my computer on the desk and was upstairs briefly for something only to come down and find them on the ground of my study destroyed, a lens popped out and broken, frames chewed and stretched. I'm so upset about it. I loved those glasses. 

I've also had to wrestle The Son's new Wall-E Crocs away from him as well as a fly swatter, a bag of Pepperidge Farm Montieri raspberry cookies, the remote control and Iago, one of our other dogs who is small and not very healthy and doesn't need a 40-some-pound puppy tormenting him at every turn. Not fun. Not fun at all.

Grrrrrr. I knew I'd have days like this with that rotten thing but still, I didn't know my super-cute trendy glasses would be his victim.  He's lucky he's cute. 

Damn dog. 


morewineplease said...

I would be super pissed too! Let is out sister... let it out!
And have a drink while you are at it!

Caren said...

Oh Honey, I had one...or three...can't quite remember now.

Always Smiling said...

I have plenty of days like that with our pup also. I recently caught him licking my table chair and found small teeth marks (puncture type). I am just glad I caught him before he runied it. My table and chair were hand made for me by my grandfather and an Amish man.