Wednesday, August 6, 2008


The Son is spending his mornings this week at another week of YMCA camp. This week's theme is WaCKy WeEk and he seems to be enjoying himself. 

Monday's theme was Silly Socks. I made them with this week of camp in mind when I was running the Aquatic Adventures camp and we had a tie dye day. He was thrilled with them and they were perfect for Silly Sock day. 

Yesterday's theme was Hilarious Hat day and this is the hat that we came up with. 

The Son loved it and even called it "bug-tastic" (He has a tendency to use "tastic" whenever he really likes something. Things around here can be "shark-tastic", "chocolate-tastic", "dino-tastic" get the picture) It has all kinds of bugs glued to the front and the back. Evidently it was a bug or should I say big hit with the pre-school set at camp. 

Now, I just have to say, I don't expect every mom (or dad) out there to go crazy like I did and make an over-the-top hat, but when the calendar for your kid's camp says "Hilarious Hat Day" don't you at least think you could put a hat on the poor kid's head? Come on. I noticed that some of the kids had no hats yesterday and I felt bad for them. The Son has been looking forward to this day for weeks and I thought it sounded like so much fun and then other kids didn't even get to do it. I really thought more parents would embrace it and help their kids have something fun but no, I was wrong. In fact, one of the teachers didn't even wear a hat. I was  a little irritated by that but whatever at least my guy had a good time. 

Today they are singing silly songs with Sue, whoever that is, and tomorrow is backwards day. That should be fun. Friday is Pajama Jam and we already have his shark-tastic pjs picked out for that day. 

Last but not least, I want to thank Julia from Hooked on Houses for hosting house-tastic tours yesterday. I had my most comments ever and found a lot of other great blogs to continue reading. I haven't even completed all my tours yet but look forward to taking a couple more today. 

I'm working tonight everyone...pray for thunder. ;) 


At Home Redesigns said...

I love that hat. Very creative. It's nice you took the time to do that with your son.

Dad said...

Some people just don't get it. I thought it was a bug-tastic hat too! It's fun memories like this that stick with us until we are old and gray and we realize that our Pop-Pop was right when he said that our Mommy is our best friend.

Darlene said...

He is so cute....and looks like he is having a ball at camp.

I hate it when people won't do the things that make childhood fun....and a teacher no less :(

Cathy said...

OK - Daddy totally makes me bawl every time he comments...I wish he would comment more, I love them!

Anyway - the hat IS bug-tastic! Adorable. I love it. I don't get why parents/teachers wouldn't get into it either. I would be all over it too!
Glad he is having a fun week. Pajama jam day sounds PJ- tastic!! :)

Buffy said...

He's so stinking cute showing off his socks and hat. Good job Mama!! He'll remember all these memories and cherish them.

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Caren,

We love wacky week when the kids have it at school. We always participate. Your son look adorable in a wacky kind of way.;-)

I had to enlarge your picture to see the stars. Your right they are the same stars.

I also wanted to tell you about another blog party if your interested. is hosting yard sale/thrift finds. Blog parties are a great way to get introduced to other blogs.

Brandee :-)

Nikki said...

ohhh that is fun! Great job Caren. It is sad to see other kids not getting as involved or involved at all, due to parents :'(

I can't wait to see his sharktastic pajamas and backwards day outfits.

Erin Leigh said...

I am with Cathy, your Dads comment had me all sappy. The hat way so cute!!!

Ramona said...

I want that hat. What a cutie~pie. You have a wonderful blog. I will visit often. Thank you for taking my our tour earlier this week. And now...back to reading more of your blog! Fun!

Smiles ~ Ramona