Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scrapbooking party for two.

Well, I was supposed to have a bunch of girls over last night for scrapbooking but at the last minute they all cancelled on me, all except for my friend Fabienne. She's the one from France that you're probably sick of me saying "she's the one from France" about. The two of us ended up having a nice time though. I only got a two page layout completed but as long as something got finished, I'm happy. 

Earlier that afternoon and evening the girls next door were here playing with The Son and Ziggy when I mentioned card-making and scrapbooking. I was joking with the Rachel, the older one (she's 12) that if my friends all cancelled, I was going to hold her hostage and make her do crafts with me. She actually liked the idea and mentioned that she was going to a birthday party today so she'd love to make a card. I got her my "Stampin' Up" catalog and she looked through it. She ended up picking out an idea for a card for her friend and we started to get to work. As soon as the younger sister Helen, (she's 10) saw what we were doing, she instantly decided she had a friend who needed a home-made birthday card too so we got her going on one. The Son was decidedly unhappy that his "big girls" were not paying full attention to him and were playing with Momma instead, fortunately The Husband came home soon after that and rescued him, or me and the girls, whatever the case may be.

It was getting late, Fabienne came over and the girls were fascinated with her because, did I mention, she's French? They finished up their cards and were VERY pleased  with their work. I didn't get a chance to take pictures because they were literally running out the door to eat dinner and I didn't have a chance but they did do a really nice job. I love that I'm introducing young girls to my passion for crafting. Now I have some new craft buddies right next door. Even if they are more than 25 years younger than I am! Crafting is a pass time that bridges all age gaps. 

One last thing about Fabienne, her husband is from the US and she speaks English VERY well but her spelling and reading of English is not her strong suit. She always mentions that to me. After the girls left we were talking about someone from the Y (Fabienne's a swim instructor too) and she said something SO funny in reference to another employee at the Y. (not another swim instructor) 

Fabienne: I don't like her, she's a real B-E-A-C-H. 

Me: Ummmmm, I think you mean B-I-T-C-H. 

Fabiene: Whatever. 

It just cracked me up, I love her accent and if you say the word "beach" you can understand why she thinks the spelling of "bitch" is b-e-a-c-h, it sounds just like she'd say it. She's a good friend and I hope she's never calling me a beach! ;) 


Marie said...

lol That's funny about your French friend. And man... I wish I lived a WHOLE lot closer. I really need a good scrapbooker to keep me motivated. Or as the case may be now- to get me started! I am so behind!

Caren said...

I wish you lived closer too Marie, I bet we could be real life friends. And, don't forget, we have Amish!