Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Son is funny!

I know I've said that before and I'm sure I'll say it again but the kid is funny...funny I tell you! I made him some Pokemon Macaroni and Cheese for dinner last night. He loves that stuff and he was so excited that the pasta was in the shape of Pokemon characters. How he knows about Pokemon as much as he does is beyond me. I know he's never watched it, I don't really even know when, OR IF it's even something you can watch. I am very Pokemon-ignorant. Anyway... he's chatting away about how much he loves it,  can we get the movie, blah, blah, pokemon, blah. I'm pretending to be interested. He then says this:

The Son: Momma, I love Pokemon but it's just for boys you know. 

Me: Well actually, I know a lot of girls that like Pokemon. (my summer camp girls were INTO it

The Son: Really? Did they have short hair? 

Me: Huh?

The Son: Short hair, did they have short hair?

Me: Why? Do you think they are more like a boy if they have short hair and that's why they would like Pokemon?

The Son: MMhmmm. You can't have long hair and like Pokemon.

Me: Ok...well, I have long hair and I love Pokemon. 

The Son: You do? That's great! Now we can get the movie...

Me: I don't think so, nice try though. 


Darlene said...

He does come up with some really funny stuff...doesn't he!?!?!

Too cute!! Now can you get the movie??

morewineplease said...

Funny and smart.. watch him!

Cathy said...

Ha ha!! He IS funny!

Here's a funny story.....
We were at the store the other day and Lily saw a lady (very clearly a woman) with short, short hair. She said right to the lady "Is that a boy Mommy?" UGH!! I was embarassed but she was a very pretty lady. I just said "No honey - that is just a lady with short hair. Not all girls have long hair".

The Berry's Patch said...

You've got to give him credit for trying. Funny little guy!

Michelle said...

LOL, Caren!!

Sounds like something Kara would say. ;-)

Shakirra said...

Scheming already. Stay on your toes Caren! Can't wait to see what he tries in another couple of years. Michael never saw Pokemon either, but once they go to school, we open them up to all kinds of influences. Power Rangers were NEVER watched in my house, but he still managed to fall in love with them. He knew exactly who they were when he saw them at toys r us. Oh well! They could bring home worse things!