Thursday, August 21, 2008

Why pay for obedience school?

When you can spend $1.98 and strike fear in the hearts of dogs everywhere. Or at least in the heart of my dog. See this face?

It's finally met it's match. Meet Mr. Spritzy!

Our pup Ziggy is a good puppy, but as I've said before, "good puppy" is an oxymoron and even though he IS pretty good, he's often quite bad. You may recall that he recently destroyed my Cynthia Rowley glasses. I'm still recovering from that one. He used to grab things he shouldn't have and hide under furniture. Well, now that he's too big to hide under most of the furniture, he runs around with what ever he has and wants you to chase him. Around and around and around and around you go, screaming , "drop it!" until you can't possibly run around and scream, "Drop it!" any more. It was a fun game for him, not so much for us. 

That's when, through my many google searches for obedience schools in our area, I came across the idea for Mr. Spritzy. A simple spray bottle filled with water. In fact, as I've been typing this, Ziggy got The Son's favorite toy, Skuggs and was trying to slink away with it. A few squirts of Mr. Spritzy and Skuggs is happily returned to The Son, no chasing, no "drop it!" and no irritation. Well, Ziggy might be irritated but The Son, Skuggs and I are as happy as clams! 

Here's Ziggy this morning just looking at Mr. Spritzy, mind you, he hadn't even been sprayed and hadn't done anything wrong but I needed this picture so you could all see the fear in his little puppy heart. Am I a mean Mommy or what?

So, I'm not going to say this will work forever or that he (or should I say we) won't need obedience school but for now, things in the CityFamily/CountryFamily household are feeling a lot more calm, and everyone's a lot happier.

Well, almost everyone.

"Help me." 


Darlene said...

Oh, that is too funny. My puppy does the same can't catch her unless she lets you. I may have to try Mr. Spritzy on her. I have never had a poodle as wild as this pup is.

Mabry's Gamma said...

Poor Ziggy but I am going through the same thing when our one doxie keeps on barking and won't quit; this was the same suggestion that I got. Thank goodness for spray bottles.

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi Caren,

We used Mr.Spritzy on the dogs when we adopted a cat. It worked great! Ziggy is such a beautiful dog.

Brandee :-)

Marie said...

LOL! Oh, that naughty puppy!!! I hope Mr. Spritzy keeps working for you! I think about a second dog sometimes and then I remember a puppy is a LOT of work. Yikes.

morewineplease said...

those eyes!! How could he ever do anything wrong... he looks too sweet!