Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The City Family/Country Family takes Ziggy to the vet!

Our rapidly growing four-month-old pup went to his first trip to the vet yesterday. He did pretty well during the exam portion of the trip but threw up in the car (in his kennel on a towel) going there and coming home and also threw up at the vet after the exam...twice. That part wasn't so pleasant but I think it was just nerves. 

He weighs 26 pounds which actually surprised us. We thought he'd weigh more. He's very muscular and dense and when you pick him up, he feels like he weighs more than The Son...evidently that's not the case. It made me realize that he's going to be roughly three times the size he is now since male German Shorthair Pointers get to be around 70-75 pounds. Wow. I knew that of course but now I have an actual comparison. He's going to be a biggy. (Ha ha, Ziggy's going to be a biggy... I crack myself up.) 

We went to a new vet since we were not happy with the last one we went to here in the country. We LOVED this vet. It was Nonantum Veterinary  Clinic in case anyone in the Brandywine Valley is reading this and looking for a new vet. She was fantastic and the cost was VERY reasonable. Dr. Debbie Ross even let The Son listen to Ziggy's heartbeat and took a lot of time to answer our questions. The Husband was getting annoyed because we weren't seen until much later than our scheduled appointment and he hates that but after he met with her, he was also pleased, we will be transferring our other dogs there ASAP. Ziggy ended up getting one vaccination, I think for distemper and he didn't even yelp when the vet gave him the needle. They did use the dremel drill on his nails and that made him very nervous although it didn't hurt him. All in all, Dr. Ross said he was perfectly healthy, doing great and even commented on how beautiful his markings are. 

We asked about his vast amount of energy and she said that was normal but suggested something interesting I had never heard before. She said we cold mix active adult dog food with his puppy food so that he'd be getting less protein.  You know what I'll be heading out to buy today don't you? 

So you know I can't have a milestone in my youngest furry son's life happen and not take pictures right? I took a few of course, scrapbooking opportunities abound with this pup. 

"Do I look scared? Why did you bring me here? I don't think I'm going to like this too much!" 

"Oooh look, they have "Dog Fancy", I think I'll catch up on my reading."

And last but not least, my favorite, and a comparison. I told you he was growing fast! 

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Hope you're all having a great day out there in blog land! 


Always Smiling said...

Both of your boys are cuties, but I can not belive how big Ziggy has gotten. Of course I was also shocked to learn that our Mack (who is within days of being 4 mths) is right at 10lbs, compared to the 2.4 or so when we bought him.

I love the pictures of them together, it really shows his growth well.

Cathy said...

Oh my! He is getting big. Cute pictures!!

myska said...

A good vet is worth their weight! My felines don't relish going but they will come out of the kennel for our vet. Cute sons furry and not!

Erin Leigh said...

I think he is even cuter now. The pics of the boys together are adorable. Glad you found a good vet!!!

The Berry's Patch said...

Beautiful family you have there!