Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mid-Week Quickie

Hi All!

I was all set to post about my new recipe that I tried on Monday night when things started getting blurry and I started getting pain in my head... another migraine! I've been getting them WAY too often lately and it's starting to concern me. I used to get them once every three or four months or so and now it's weekly. It sucks, truly sucks.

I took four Advil and drank two giant glasses of water and stopped thinking about posting about my new recipe. I am feeling a little bit better right now but a little shaky and groggy, migraines make me feel like what I imagine a minor stroke patient might feel like. Words don't come easily, thoughts don't form easily and my body feels a little uneasy over all. I am volunteering in The Son's classroom today, I sure hope I can spell by 1:00 since we're doing KidWriting!

After going to the classroom, I am going to head to the Y to complete day two of my half marathon training. My plan only calls for me to run 2 miles at a 10:30 pace today and that's totally doable for me. The challenge would be doind ONLY two miles, I might feel the need to do more. I find that the adrenaline I get from running, helps my headaches so I'm really looking forward to it. I pick The Son up at 3:00 and then go back to the Y to teach swimming this evening. Busy day! I hope I can do it all...

Have a great Wednesday everyone! I'll post that new recipe and recipe review later this week when I'm not feeling "foggy."


skinnysweetpea said...

Wow, so sorry to hear about your migraine! Hope you're feeling better.

I totally know what you mean about wanting to run more than just 2 miles. At this point, that seems like a breeze.

Nina said...

I get them all the time. they do suck. I keep forgetting to tell you to check out monistat antichafing cream instead of the running stuff. use it on your feet for blisters too. its cheaper and the same thing, can even be used as a foundation primer though you have to be careful as its filled with silicones and can cause breakouts.