Friday, January 15, 2010

Through the Eyes of My Child

The Son drew the picture above for me the other day. He really loves to draw and spends his time creating lots of interesting pictures that are usually of new Bakugans or some kind of robot he invented. Normally, they don't look like anything that anyone can actually figure out which is fine because that will lead to some interesting stories and descriptions, which of course, The Husband and I love. See the picture above though? Do you know what that is? Well, it's me on the treadmill of course! (I'm SO skinny! ;) ) The Son drew that for me recently because he knew I was having some "blister issues" and he wanted me to feel better. I was so excited that he drew me working out because it means that he really gets it that I am an active person and that fitness is important to me. I am so proud that I have become this good example to him. I put the picture in the front of my notebook that I use for my weight loss groups so that I can show my students. It's a big accomplishment for me that The Son sees me that way. I should also mention that he recently saw a "before" picture of me and didn't know it was me!

I've had people tell me they don't want to put their kids in the child care area at the Y and take the time to work out because they want to spend as much time with their kids as they can. Usually, it's working parents who truly don't get to spend as much time as they'd like to with their kids. Yes, it's important to spend time with your children, very important, but I also think there is great value in letting your kids see you take time to take care of yourself. Perhaps one can't work out for a couple hours a day like I am able to do when The Son is in school but when someone can take 45 minutes to an hour a couple times a week to stay healthy, is only going to be good for them and their child(ren.)

A little update about my progress, I lost another 2.2 pounds this week! I am now in a new category, the 160s! I cannot remember the last time I was in the 160s! I am meeting with my trainer today so I will also get measurements and find out how much my body fat is going down. I'll update with any good results.

Since I am posting a bit about The Son and how he views things, I wanted to let you know that he views our dogs, especially Ziggy as his brother. He actually told his Kindergarten teacher that he was the "middle" child and he had her very confused because she was sure he was an only child. Evidently, he exhibits a lot of classic traits of an "only." It took her a couple days to realize that he was referring to dogs as his brothers.... looking at the pictures below however, can you blame him? Ziggy is such a special boy, he and The Son love each other and as you can see, he's pretty comfortable thinking of himself as a brother too. I really miss Iago, our Miniature Pinscher who died a little more than a year ago but Ziggy is slowly starting to become my canine boy just like Iago was. It's pretty safe to say that as cute as puppies are, I'm much more of an "adult dog girl." than a "puppy girl."

Our other dog isn't quite as snuggly, he's a bit older and he's an Italian Greyhound named DaVinci (Vinnie for short). We think of him as the less sociable teenage brother... poor old guy. I'll have to get a few pictures of him to show you because as crazy and neurotic as he is, he's a cute little guy.

Well, I guess I should be signing off for now. Have a great Friday! Woo HOO! It's FRIDAY! Tomorrow is The Son's 6th birthday and Sunday is his party at the Y as well as the aforementioned Vinnie's 12th birthday! The MIL is coming from Maine to visit and we just have an over all busy, busy weekend. I hope yours is fun too!


Running Jen said...

He is so cute Caren! I hope he has a fantastic birthday, I can't believe our kids are 6 already!! Funny, Ava's party is on Sunday too. We couldn't have it last weekend because we went away.

Great to hear about yet another 2+ pounds! You have stuck with this a lot longer than most people do, way to go!

I hear ya on wanting your child to see that you workout, eat healthy, etc. That was one of the things I loved about the days when Ava used to come to the gym with me. I liked that she saw that I worked out, even today she asks me each night when I put her to bed, "Mommy, are you going running in the morning?". I think it's great for kids to see this at such a young age, Ava keeps telling me she wants to start running with me when she's bigger!

Chrissy Cuz said...

I love the picture. That is so sweet. :o)

Cathy said...

cute picture!! I love it.

I agree about the working out. I think a Mommy who takes time for exercise for herself - even if it is only a few short times a week - is a happier Mommy. Happy Mommy=Happy kids. It works out for the best for all!!

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

"We think of him as the less sociable teenage brother..." HA!! I think it's adorable that your son considers the dogs his siblings...judging from the so-cute-it-hurts-me photos of him with Ziggy, Ziggy agrees. :-)

I hope The Son had a fantastic birthday! It is SO great that he "sees" you on the treadmill (and so very slim, lol!). And...hello?...160s?! AMAZING.

Norma said...

Totally agree with you. I get some comments about "You make your kids go to the gym with you?" (When they're on school vacation, etc.) and the occasional snide comment that I have a babysitter come for an hour two nights a week so I can get to my mixed martial arts class on time (class starts at 6, husband doesn't get home til 6:15). There are just some women (and it's women, without exception, in my experience) who have to make themselves feel better about their choices by putting other's down. Love the pic your son younger daughter drew a pic for me the morning I went to my last Jiu Jitsu tournament of two stick figures in a ring, one standing with her hands up, one on the ground...and an arrow that said "MY MOM" pointing to the victor. I know that I'm raising kids who are interested in a healthy, active lifestyle (they read labels!) and I don't think I'm being selfish by taking care of myself in the least.