Friday, August 28, 2009

It's fun to work out at the YMCA!

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This has been a tricky week for me, our YMCA has been closed all week for it's annual "Shut Down." Basic refurbishment and maintenance is done but also, this year, we're getting TONS of new cardio equipment. Many with personal televisions attached. I. Am. So. Excited! The Y doesn't reopen again until Monday so I've been traveling to another local Y this week. It's also pretty nice but I'm really excited to be back in my home base when it reopens again next week.

Here's our Y's fitness center a few weeks ago, I don't think it will look much different next week except that all the equipment will be new. After visiting the Y in Maine last week, I realized how lucky we are at our beautiful high-tech modern Y. Yay! This picture is taken from our second floor track.

Here I am working out on my favorite AMT machine. We only had two of these but I think we're getting a couple more. Hooray! They are coveted machines and they burn a lot of calories but are easy on the joints. I think of it as a combination elliptical/arc trainer/step machine. I vary the tension from levels one to twenty (ugh!) and if I stay on for 45 mintues, I burn over 600 calories! At least that's what the machine tells me after I enter my weight and age. I definitely realize that that number is simply an estimate of calories burned I don't use at as a hard and fast rule.

Sweaty enough for you? You can tell that's a lot of calories gone, I work hard! Pretty huh? ;)

So, I don't really have a weight loss report this week. Our group has ended until after the beginning of September. I have lost a total of 63 pounds and I'm still working on getting rid of least 40 more. Right now I am recovering from my trip to Maine and my lobster bisque, dates with Ben and Jerry and more cocktails then I normally consume. I got weighed on Monday and I am pleased to report that there is no significant gain. All the working out in Maine must have kept me right where I need to be. I'm getting back on track now that my routine is more or less back to normal. I hope that I'll have a loss to report next week.

Have a great Friday everyone! Stay healthy!


morewineplease said...

This is one sweaty post!

skinnysweetpea said...

I LOVE those AMT machines! They're so much easier on the joints than regular ellipticals. But way to go on staying on the machine for 45 minutes! I can only do about 15 without feeling like I want to curl up into the fetal position.

Congratulations on not gaining too much on vacation!! That's big! I used to go on vacations to Disney and gain 7 or so pounds. Ugh!

How exciting your Y is getting a make-over with new machines! My Y's fitness center is small, but we have some pretty modern machines, most of them with their own TVs and iPod hook-ups.

Running Jen said...

Wow, your Y is big! Ours is smaller than that, but it's still good, everything is new, as our Y is only 2 years old. Most of the Y's in this area are huge, ours just happens to be smaller - they didn't have as much space when they built it. But, I can't complain, it gets the job done! You will love the personal TV's, I really enjoy that at my Y.

I am glad to see that you sweat so much when you work out! You remind me of myself, I sweat a lot during a workout, and come off the machines dripping, my hair is always soaked, shirt, etc. I swear, I feel like people look at me as if they're thinking "why is she sweating?". I never really see anyone else at the gym all sweaty, I just don't get it, aren't they there to work out?!!

Cathy said...

Look at skinny little you!!! ;)

Your Y looks nice. We have those same machines at my gym. I like them too.

Ann said...

You really look like you are enjoying your life. Nice post and pretty interesting life. Nice house you have although not in the city but very lovely.

Chrissy Cuz said...

Hey that place looks familiar. I think I may have been there. LOL!! You look so skinny!! I still need to get going on the healthy eating. Ugh!!!