Monday, August 17, 2009

Official Race Report and Photos

We're having a great time in Maine, Sunday was spent relaxing and hanging out with family at a cook out at my MIL's house. We got to see my niece and nephew who we haven't seen in years. The Nephew is a little less than a year younger than The Son and they had a great time together. We're hoping to get to see them again later this week. The Teen Niece is beautiful and sweet and smart, she's trying out for her field hockey team this week so we don't know how much we'll get to see of her but we're hoping to see her again. I'm sure she'll do great at the try outs. She's a very athletic girl. Monday was spent on the beach and then The Son slept over at the MIL's house and The Husband I had a hot date and went out with The BIL #1 and SIL #1. Fun, fun times but many diet sins were committed.

So anyway, I managed to upload some photos to The Husband's computer so that I could show you the race (and later this week) the beach photos of The Extended Family at the beach.

On to the race report...

It was a nicely organized race and I think it was the first time for this particular "Dog Days of Summer" event. All the proceeds went to a local animal shelter. Here's The Son, looking cute as ever before I started racing.

And we're off...

Most of the run was completed in a local retirement community neighborhood. It was a really nice area BUT it was VERY, VERY HILLY (Did I mention hilly?) CityMomma/CountryMomma is mostly an indoor treadmill runner so those hills were quite challenging to say the least. It was also August and in spite of the race being early in the morning, it was VERY, VERY HOT (Did I mention hot?) again, the indoor treadmill is also in the air conditioning so it was a challenging race to say the least. I completed my first mile in 10:10, my fastest time ever but then the hills came and even many of the more seasoned runners were walking up these gigantic, enormous hills. I tried to run down them to make up some time and that helped with my final time but a little more than half way through the race I almost stopped caring. ha ha!

As we reached the finish line which was thankfully, mostly downhill, I noticed the time clock read just over 35 minutes and I knew I'd beaten my previous race time of 35:58! Final results were that I came in at 35:30 but... it wasn't a chip system and we had to turn in the bottom of our numbered bibs so I actually think I was a little less than 35:30 but I'm not going to quibble over a few seconds, it will just make it easier to beat my best time for my next race.

While I was racing, The Son, The Husband and Ziggy (The Dog) met a bunch of other cute pups and critters. Here's The Son admiring a sweet little guinea pig.

Later, he and Ziggy met this little sweetie. A Boston Terrier... I love this breed, so darn cute!

Here's The Son and Ziggy around the "Ga-ga pit" evidently Gaga is some kind of Israeli dodge ball. My camp kids were very into it. (I know, I too thought it was an American recording artist but evidently, I was wrong.;) )
Crossing the finish line...
Phew! Nice cold water!
Next, Ziggy and I lined up for the two miler with all the dogs. It was SO cute. I've never seen so many dogs in one place and they were all being so good.

Crossing the finish line with Zig!

Good Dog!

After the race, Ziggy met some distant relatives. This is Otto, another German Shorthair Pointer. He wasn't quite as handsome as Ziggy and I'm not biased at all. He was a nice dog though. I couldn't get a photo of him and Ziggy as they were too excited at the time.

Then he met this cute girl, a distant relative, she's an English Pointer, I think she and Ziggy really hit it off. She was so sweet and calm, Ziggy's sweet... calm, not so much.

We went to a pavilion to cool down after the race. The guy in the background in the green shirt is our favorite Starbucks Baristo. He and The Son are good friends. Ziggy's a bit hot and tired in this shot as you can tell.

A final shot of the racers and The Son. It was a good day.

I'm heading out to the Biddeford, ME YMCA in a few minutes. It's not a very modern Y, and I'm already missing our beautiful Y at home but at least I'm getting my workouts in, right? Have a great Tuesday everyone!


Cathy said...

cute! I love the pictures. Your arms are looking good girl!! :)

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

You really look amazing!

And that picture of Ziggy and his new girlfriend is pretty darn cute. :-)