Friday, June 27, 2008

Another busy one...

Unfortunately, I am not good at thinking up witty and/or profound blog posts as of late. So many of the women I read are always so clever and funny, not to mention cute. I guess I should be happy to have one out of those three things down. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one it is. ;) 

We're busy, busy, busy again today and I shouldn't be on here right now. I have a swimming lesson (one that I'm taking) at 9:15 and The Son has camp. I'm going to try to work out after the lesson, my cough seems to finally have subsided. (Worst Cold Ever.) My friend Fabienne is coming over with her kids this afternoon. She's French. From Paris. So having her as a friend makes me feel really international and worldly. She also likes to scrapbook and teaches swimming and her son is just a little older than my son and they love each other so it's all good. We're hoping our friend Lynn will also come, she's a French teacher. I know no French except for that "Lady Marmalade" song. We'll be all covered if I need to ask either one to go to bed with me. Usually they speak English around me though, they're considerate that way. 

This weekend should be a little more relaxing then the past ones have been. Hope you're all having a great day out there in Blogland! 

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amy said...

Caren, you crack me up!

FYI- my high school French improves dramatically after 1-2 glasses of wine. You might have to test that out. Have fun!