Friday, June 13, 2008

I changed my blog header...

as I'm sure you can see. It got me thinking about our move. Everyone told me I'd miss The City and that I'd want to move back in a year but honestly, I just don't see that happening. There's a couple things I miss but MOST of them are contrasted by something here in the country that's just as good. For example, I miss being able to walk places and run a lot of errands without buckling/unbuckling a car seat 47 times. However, now when I do run errands, there's a parking spot for my car so that actually seems like a luxury. I miss being able to walk to the bars and restaurants in my neighborhood because it was always nice to be able to walk home after a few drinks. I won't have ANY drinks if I'm driving...ever, so that's taken some getting used to. The plus side of that is, we're spending a lot less money now that we're eating (and drinking ;) ) at home. I do miss my friends and I don't talk to them nearly as much as I should, that part's been difficult. They could never be replaced but I am very grateful that I have made some wonderful friends here already that have really made this area also seem like home. 

Things about the country that I love are:
- our new house. It might not have the "character" or history of the old house and I thought that would bother me but, lo and behold, it doesn't! 
- my laundry room. 
- my craft room
- the birds and deer I can see from my windows.
- the YMCA, not that they don't have Ys in the city but ours is just so nice and "family oriented" here. It's going to be great for The Son to grow up there. 
- the excellent public schools. (one of our BIG reasons for moving here)
- The Husband is much happier in his job. 
- Mushrooms! hee hee. 
- the safety in this area, Our neighborhood in The City was certainly one of the safest but even so, sometimes things got a little bit scary. 

I suppose I could go on and on but I'll stop there. I'm just so glad that things are working out and that our family is settling in here without too much nostalgia for the past. 


Cathy said...

hey! You have been busy today with changing your header! I like looks great.
I am happy that you are happy, Country Girl! :)

Running Jen said...

Glad you're happy! You are making me want to move to PA even more, with the way you're talking about it! I just love that state.

Marie said...

I like your new header! :o)

Running To Stand Still said...

The header is great!! I am glad you like it so much there!!!

Shakirra said...

I love the header. You will always be a city girl to me!