Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Son is smart!

He must take after The Husband! ha ha! 

I took The Son to a "Preschool Drama" class yesterday at the Y and when I picked him up, the teacher told me that she read the book to the class one time and then they made puppets to go with the book. The second time, when they used the puppets to act out the book, The Son helped her read it to the class. She was really impressed that he could read that well. I felt great about it of course. We do read a lot to The Son and we have a children's book library that could rival our local library, I just love children's books! I guess it's finally paid off! I'm really proud of him. 

As we were leaving, The Son told his teacher that tomorrow he was going to make a puppet of an indricothere. She had no idea what he was talking about and I had to explain that an indricothere is a prehistoric mammal that The Son has been watching a show about lately. I think she thought we were a little nutty in our house, but not in a bad way. ;) 


Susie Harris said...

Wow... i will have to look that word up! Susie H

Running To Stand Still said...

That is GREAT!! I love childrens books too. Wish we had more room cause I would never stop buying them!!!

Kimba said...

Had no idea what that word meant! Too funny! My older son is like that. He gets facinated by something and then goes around telling everyone he knows about it. I just love to see them being so wild about learning.

morewineplease said...

WOW!! THe son is very smart! You have every right to be proud!